Worth A Re-post

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I realize I wandered off the road on to a beaten path. When I look around and see all the crazy aftermath. You've fucked up the movement and taken our name, you're not Constitutional, your heads not in the game. Hating people for existing, WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS? You make us all look absolutely ridiculous! Most claim to be Christian but don't even know God. He told you to love your neighbor, you choose to hate him anyway. He's a different religion or sexual orientation, so you think that's okay.

I'm so sick of hearing this garbage, you think your thoughts are more important than the next guys? I look at the last 4 years of my life and ask why? Why did I put so much effort into you? More than half of you bitches aren't even true. The ones that are, will be walking away, because your mind doesn't speak liberty and that's so sad to say. So let me inform you of what will by my focus. The government and all their hocus pocus. They're shredding your freedom's day by day. Pay attention people or soon it'll be too late. They have most of you sitting exactly where they want you. Focusing on the wrong enemy and brainwashed too. This movement is something that's apart of me. I won't let you change it into something it's not supposed to be. So get your head out of your ass and back in the game. We aren't free and we have ourselves to blame. Stop talking about religion when the Constitution is clear. Stop letting the government poison your mind with fear. Grow up and realize if we stand against them united,we can win this land back if we aren't divided. You can hate on me all that you want to. I don't really care I have 0 fucks to lose.

If tomorrow you head down to your grave, would you call us the land of the free? We sure aren't safe from tyranny. Here you are focused on someone else's book, being street taught me something there's no such things as half way crooks. Get pissy because I'm quoting Mobb Deep or I don't look like the rest of you freaks. Get mad at me because I'll speak out. Maybe then you'll do something and bring change about. Time to pay attention, it's already here. It's been burned into your mind, Government control, FEAR FEAR FEAR.. Marinade on that!

Author of this letter was not me but I felt it was worth posting. KC Massey

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