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What is written below was written by a friend of mine that I actually consider family. Far too often in this patriot life we throw the word family around so much like spent ammunition. I tend to hold it in reserve for those that have earned it. This man has earned it and also had earned my forever loyalty. He is spot on in what he says here. Please leave your comments on the site.

By Jered Gavin Bonneau

I'm not casting doubt or shame or shade on any of the work so many like you have put forth, nor the battles that so many like you have won. So many great things have been accomplished and are still being fought for however, right now we have a state, more specifically a city under siege. A city in which Antifa has been allowed to take over and enact a sort of separation from not only the city and state but from the country, as they claim they are no longer the USA. People in their homes, in that area, are forced out; some forced to sneak out in fear of being attacked or killed, homes and businesses being looted and suffering during this time, a socialist city council enabling these behaviors, a mayor pandering to the terrorists and a police chief abandoning the precinct and the community. If this wasn't bad enough, the real kicker for me is this, patriot groups around the state aren't taking action, no-one is going in, no-one was there to deter this from happening, no-one was there and that is disturbing.

Here in Spokane we put out a Liberty Bell call to action, social media calls for action, and we all individually called people for action. Out of all these calls for help, 19 of us showed up, a large portion of them from Idaho. That's right, Idaho had to bus over to help protect a Washington state city, because patriots weren't willing to do patriot shit.

I'm disheartened and disgusted at how these events are unfolding and it is bringing me back to Lavoy. A man, a freedom loving patriot loved by his family, friends and community who stood up and fought for liberty and justice during an unjust time. This man was murdered on live feed, in cold blood, and the patriot community did nothing but issue stand down orders and retreat. Protests were not held, no riots, no marches, all that we did was memorialize him quietly in small services.

The actions of these days and the days of the past are disturbing and even frightening. It would make one wonder and makes me wonder, if some great battle came to this land, if some invading force came to this land, would the patriot community answer the call? Would the patriot community take a stand and fight to defend this great nation? Too many times I answer this question in my head with a resounding no. I do not think patriots in the millions will ever answer a call of that measure, they will wait, they will bunker down, they will hide and watch for that so called line to be crossed that always seems to be moved further back.

Antifa is a foreign run and foreign controlled, communist terrorist organization. They are staging an invasion and a coup against the United States and all the freedoms and liberties we hold dear. Yet we as a community do nothing, we can hardly gather enough support to safely patrol a few city blocks, let alone enough support to secure and protect an entire community, city or state. I fear where this is leading, I fear where we are going to end up, by doing nothing.

I myself was removed from certain patriot groups and organizations because I dared to stand in front of the offices of tyrants, calling them out, cursing and speaking about the tree of liberty. I spoke words and never incited violence, yet I was banished by some, for the words I spoke. If words of truth banishes a patriot who has and is always willing to take action, how can this community be depended on when metal meets the meat?

I do not have this answer and I am torn as to what to do next. I have decided to start a new group, a new movement that will answer these calls, that will march en mass when called upon, that will take to the streets mirroring the great tea party movement of almost a decade ago, yet even this non violent call to action is falling upon deaf ears.

So while we as a community and so many individuals like you have fought and even won battles in court, in legislation, in electing candidates and community outreach, we as a community, I feel, have failed the larger calling of protecting and defending the freedoms and liberties in which we all tout as being our purpose for organizing. These things we claim to hold true in our hearts and souls, the Constitution we cherish and this country that runs within our veins that we claim to bleed for; seem to be no more then empty words and broken promises, when we as a community do not stand together to protect them.

I am torn, I am heart broken, I am disgusted and ashamed. I pray that our resolve strengthens and our hunger for freedom and liberty grows. Until then, I will have to consider my next moves carefully as to leaving, staying or moving forward with a new movement.

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