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Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Guy Fawks, the face of anonymity

For many I fear that by the time that they realize it is time to get rid of their electronic foot print, at least when it comes to their activities on the “patriot front” it will be far too late.

I see many saying that they need to start taking their planning to just email, secure comms like Telegram and Signal or just off of Facebook and just cell phone calls. That my dear friends is not secure in any sense of the word. Now I will give you that Signal out of all of those is at least a little more secure than any of the aforementioned, IF you use a burner phone that has never been turned on at your residence or place of business, you use it far from any place you plan to use as a safe location and you are extremely careful of what you say. If I am on my phone with you and I am talking about something and you try to remind me to be careful of what I am saying, chances are I don’t care if I am being listened to because they are already listening with voice recognition or something. They know where you are with GPS etc, etc…and if it isn’t with your phone it is with a smart tv, computer, FitBit, smartwatch, that fancy Alexa type device some of you have in your homes, surround sound system, your car, your refrigerator…the list goes on and on.

I can hear some of you already asking “If we don’t call each other to plan these things and work out with each other our SHTF scenarios to help each other how will any of it ever get done?” Please do not try to tell me that you are not, because I have had many ask me this very thing when I have brought this up in person.

This is only one big issue that patriots are facing right now. How many of you belong to a large group? I am not judging, I myself do (for the time being) so it is o.k I get it…it gives a sense of family and security that there are like minded people in your country, state, county (zone), and city. People that you may be able to call upon when that balloon finally does go up.

Well, these large groups, ones that are not even that large do the bulk of their vetting with an online background checking system followed by a face to face meeting with your zones vetting officer, this is by far better than some of the vetting processes that I have seen where you fill out a questionnaire and get a phone call by someone that sounds suspicious and “That’s it your in the cool kids club!” Well, the first “cool kids club” that I had the misfortune of being vetted into, while my head was still spinning from what had happened from the refuge…I had my Zone Leader tell me that he saw no problem with feeding the FBI information as long as he got something out of it. Boys and girls that is a problem.

Unfortunately, each and every large group has been infiltrated, FBI, DHS, and every other ABC and 123 agency out there has someone with a well crafted background identity so that when checked it raises no flags, a story so air tight so that when they are questioned and when they hang around others they are never found out. Some of these groups are so large and have no requirements in participation that some members are never seen again beyond that face to face meeting. That should be of concern.

Let’s wander back to the first issue that I approached, how do we plan and organize things so we are ready?

Here are my thoughts that have been brewing and after speaking with some that have been doing this for 20 some odd years and more, I know that I am on the right path here.

A novel concept, stop talking about your preps online in any forum or on your phones, period. NOTHING IS SECURE. Quit telling everyone about your food stores, medical supplies, how many weapons you have, how many 80% lowers you have bought or are going to buy, what machinery you have to build weapons, where you plan on putting caches, or bugging out to, what training you have, what training you are going to get, where you plan on training, posting videos of your training (let’s show them what our skills are) what color your underwear is, etc. No one but yourself needs to know this information. NO ONE. When the time comes then you can decide who gets to know what. If you feel you must share this information do it in person, only in person and away from any electronics what so ever, yes, this means taking off your fancy watch, ditching your phone…even that burner, and taking a walk from your vehicle.

Here is another way to communicate that is going to be a very novel idea but it is about as secure as you are going to get outside of a courier pigeon…get out a pen and some paper and write a letter. Still be careful of how detailed you get, but this is a way to set up meetings and get information out that is not immediate in time sensitivity. Of course there is that burner phone but only using it in the way that is mentioned above and “burning” it often.

It is time for patriots to get out of the eyes of the ones that want to take away what little liberty we have left instead of just handing it over little by little on a silver platter. “I will not comply” well start not complying by not giving them every little bit if intel that they want. Inconvenient, yes…news flash, life is going to get caveman inconvenient by the time this is all said and done, might as well start getting used to it.

Pete Santilli has a great idea with e-militia. I know, I know…”but that is online Melina!” Only at first. The whole concept is to get people connected in person. To meet face to face on a regular basis (more than once or twice a year or even more than once a month for training). Once people have been connected, exchanged information and create their offline plan the only thing shared online is news, a huge network of patriots that work together as independent media to circumvent Facebook and YouTube to get the truth out.

That is just one way and it is a nationwide effort.

As for the big groups. They are just a big target if you think about it. You have a huge collection of liberty loving patriots, all over social media loud and proud…all the Deep State has to do is an online search and BAM! drop a net and they have a bunch of patriots wrapped up in a nice neat little steel trap! This is where small cells operating offline have the advantage. Do you know how many are out there that you have never heard of or from that are far more prepared and lethal than the thousands you see online. It is time to go dark. The enemy that you cannot see is the enemy that has the biggest advantage and the one you fear the most, and lovers of the constitution and liberty are the enemy of the Deep State.

As for vetting for your smaller group, it has been discussed time and time again that is should be done more like the 1% biker world. You have a prospecting period, where you have to prove yourself. Your loyalty, your worthiness…in this case your trustworthiness…you pass a weapons qualification, certain basic skills qualifications (which can be adapted to those who have disabilities…everyone has a place in this fight), basic radio skills, map reading skills (no I am not talking about a Rand McNally Road Map here) and a background check that includes more than a computer check…have someone that is skilled in reading peoples body language, facial expressions and eye movements.

Meet more than once a year, twice a year or quarterly for training. The small group I was in took it very seriously and we made a commitment to meet once a week for training and it was very successful. Bring the family, if the rest of the family isn’t into the training let the kids play and the rest of the family counterparts get to know each other. It comes down to commitment and the question when the lights go out or what ever they decide to do to reign in control, do you want to live or die? Do you want to have that silent network set up that engages to win the war? It isn’t going to be a fast battle won, it is going to be long, drawn out and covert. You won’t be needing those tac-vests weighed down with every neat little gadget known to man. You will need knowledge of what to use around you and less will be more as you will have to move quickly and swiftly.

We are David going up against Goliath…all we need is knowledge and a slingshot. Why do you think they have been dumbing society down?

They know that We the People, the ones that are aware of what is going on are powerful, why do you think they murdered Lavoy, jailed Shaeffer and others? Why do you think they infiltrate these large groups and question us at every turn? Why do you think they want to disarm us?

Stop telling them your plans. Stop telling them what you have. Stop giving them what they want. Stop giving them the power to stop you. They can’t fight what they don’t know, they can’t fight what they can’t see. It is time to become invisible my friends. Stay connected with people on social media, but as far as your patriot life, make it vanish.

It takes a bit of doing, but is your freedom worth it? Even more, is your life and the life of your family worth it?

Food for thought.

God Bless,

Little Boots

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