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Upcoming Armed Protests

By: Doug Casity


Recent events, such as the storming of the United States Capitol building in D.C., and the storming of the Governor’s mansion in Olympia, have seemed to lower morale for a lot of people wishing to exercise their Constitutional rights on public property. Governor Inslee has demanded that those who entered the gate to his mansion be identified and charged with criminal trespassing.

Now, we are seeing a rise in calls for “armed protests” or “armed marches,” worrying peaceful protesters that it could be a trap to ensnare innocent people or give lawmakers grounds to confiscate or further legislate weapon possession. Mary McChord, a legal advisor at the Institute for Constitutional Advocacy, believes that groups such as the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters are illegal, due to their organizational structure and willingness to protect innocent life and property.

As defined by the Revised Code of Washington and the Washington State Constitution, private militias, those outside the State’s control and authority, are illegal. However, should the matter be pressed, a law enforcement officer would be required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person, or group, is organized and engaging in “paramilitary activity,” as stated in RCW 38.40.120 and Article 1, Section 18, of the State Constitution.

Locally, we have the Washington Three Percent, founded by Matt Marshall, who claims the group is not a militia but rather, a community outreach organization, focused on preparedness and defense. Former Zone Six leader, David Fox, during my time in WA3, did in fact attempt to make that zone an organized militia. This would violate both the statute and Constitution.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations had sent out a memo to every state capitol, advising them that armed protests were being organized both locally, and nationally. “It would behoove state law enforcement to look at where these groups are and try to use the rules they have in their states to either shut them down criminally, or take some civil enforcement actions before upcoming events,” McChord said.

The Patriot Angel team urges everyone to stand up for their Constitutional rights, but with caution. Tom Hughes, an unarmed, sharply dressed patriot in Olympia was arrested for “criminal trespassing” after attempting to follow the Washington Constitution, specifically, a requirement that the House doors remain open to the public. Be safe, remain vigilant and remember, the running password is “Benghazi.”

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