A Rekindling Walk with Friends of Old

As I was standing looking at the skyline waiting for Cheyenne to come out of the rest area that we had stopped at, I could hear whispers of days gone by, I felt the vibrations of the horse hooves and soldiers feet. I realized that it had gotten oddly silent, no sounds of modern day. I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning expecting to see Cheyenne, I saw something that took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. A man, weary and battle torn. He was in his mid thirties with a dirty linen shirt that was torn and blood stained he wore black pants with knee high boots. He didn't carry anything with him. There was a dirty and blood soaked bandage wrapped about his head. I was certain he could not have been the one with his hand on my shoulder though because he was at least 10 feet away from where I was standing. He just stood there looking at me. He had a look in his eyes questioning me...as if to ask why he had fought? Why we had let things that he and others fought to secure slip away? Why we had been so complacent and why so many were not willing to give their all for liberty now? Mind you this all happened in a matter of moments and then he was gone and Cheyenne asked if I was ready to hit the road...little did I know that I would come to know this man's name and that he was actually really someone that fought in the revolution. Not just someone my mind was playing tricks on me with.

Little did I know that voices of the past would be chattering in my head or that it would hit me so profoundly. As we continued our drive I could not shake the whispers I was hearing, they were loud yet not completely audible. I would get the occasional word or phrase I could make out. Things we all know..."...undergo the fatigue of supporting it."..."liberty, once lost, is lost forever"..."better to have no ideas than false ones;"..."with the blood of patriots and tyrants"...

I was thankful as we pulled up to Niagra Falls and approached them because the roar of the falls actually drown out the sounds of the past and the constant whispers so I was able to enjoy the falls it's reprieve. How short lived it would be was unexpected.

As I settled in for the evening in the beautiful little town of Wellesley outside of Boston, the name Samuel Carver kept popping into my head...I was too tired to look up why. I called Dan real quick to tell him of what had happened and have him pray with me for peace and a restful night of sleep so I could enjoy the following day with Cheyenne and her boyfriend before heading home that evening.

I had dreams through the night of warm nights in green pastures with images of patriots and kingsmen from days gone by drifting in and out, after all I was on the very lands where they once tread and fought to see if we would have the liberties that we should have held more dear to us than life...liberties that blood was shed for...lands that blood had soaked into.

Waking the next morning I was disappointed to see rain, but it was a warm rain in August, so we still went for our walk on the Freedom Trail. As we piled into the car to take off, I could not shake the image of that patriot from the day before from my mind or the feeling that I had that he was pained at what had happened to the country he had helped form.

Walking along the 2 brick wide red path that marked the way to each historical site along the trail I could 'feel' the days of old. I could sense the passion, the desperation, the fear and the determination of the ones that met in the church basements - those regal brick buildings, making the decisions to rebel and fight the tyranny that kept them from having the liberty to live the way God intended.

Freedom Trail, Boston, Mass.

In the basement where I purchased a well for ink, ink powder labeled "Patriot Ink" and a quill pen from one of these brick buildings called "The Old South Meeting House" I swear I could hear the roar of the crowd and Samual Adam's voice shouting "This meeting can do nothing more to save the country." Just before the the Boston Harbor became a giant sea of tea Decemer 16, 1773. This site is actually a beautiful church built in 1729.

I looked over my shoulder and saw a female patriot...rifle in hand dirty and weary from the fight. KrisAnne Hall's words came back to me of how women were a part of the fight during the revolution as well. I saw many of these sightings during my walk.

Again the name of Samuel Carver...

As we walked I saw the site of the Boston Massacre, Old Ironsides, Benfranklin's birth place, the resting places of John Hancock, Thomas Treat Paine (who may have had a fancier stone if he had a bigger signature on the Declaration of Independence according to Chey's boyfriend, thos made me laugh, wondering what he would have thought at this comment), Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and Ben Franklin's parents. There was a collective stone for some from the Boston massacre to include a 12 year old boy. Also that of James Otis, who thanks to KrisAnne I knew who he was. James Otis was an early activist in the revolution helping spark it and also a lawyer who argued against the Writ of Assistance and for popularizing 'no taxation without representation' which was first said by a pastor in 1752, but Otis added "is tyranny" and you have the phrase we all know today.

The Old Corner Bookstore and The Old State House were loud with shouts of freedom and liberty. You could hear our forefathers, Sons Of Liberty discussing what needed to be done and patriot shouts of agreement. Those have all been but drown out now by the complacency of generations gone by...where has this life blood that was once so strong gone? This belief in God and and each other...where is it now? Why do we so willingly let our lives be run by others when lives were lost so we could be free and so that we could live with out having to do what we were freed from? Why did we stop fighting and start believing the lies we were told? Why keep continuing to do so? The saddened faces and voices I am seeing and hearing from the past along the way are growing.

The Old South Meeting House where Samuel Adams, The Sons Of Liberty and others met and where the angry shouts escalated to the dumping of the tea in the harbor on December 16, 1773 and the destruction of British East India Company

The resting place of Son of Liberty and President Samuel Adams. As I stood there I could not even describe the feeling of reverence mixed with guilt that I felt.

I still keep hearing the name of Samuel Carver...

I know that our Founding Fathers did not always get along, I know that they argued...but they worked together to get things done...those that did not want to cooperate were not part of forming this great nation. Pure and simple. They were wise men who saw well into the future of what would happen if a government got too big, yet knew that some form of government was needed or they would not have put one in place at all. They restrained it. They put forth safety clauses for us. Everything was planned out painstakenly. Right down to giving us a way to keep things from getting away from us and a way to take it back if it did. Forefathers with foresight, because they had the hindsight of what they had already lived and knew how to keep it from happening again as a collective.

As the rain fell on my face mixing with my tears while I stared at the resting place of Samuel Adams wishing I could talk to him just for a little bit, it dawned on me I didn't really need to, he and the rest of the framers left us an amazing set of instructions. The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights along with their words, pair that with The Bible and God...WE CAN'T go wrong!

As I turned from his resting place an looked up I saw a sea of patriots, worn and weary, yet proud and full of spirit. Women, men and young children looking at me, some with soft sad smiles, some with pleading eyes to answer a question that I myself can't answer...but after this trip I hope to be able to at least find a remedy to it for myself and hopefully some of my friends and readers. How do we get back the passion to fight for liberties lost and restore the republic these great patriots and families gave their all for.

There is that name again...Samuel Carver.

How can you say you uphold the constitution and say you are anti-government or anti-law enforcement? In doing so you are slapping great men like George Washington, Samual Adams, Thomas Paine and many others all in the face.

We have the right to abolish our current government and put a new government in place...but within the confines of the constitution. It is all there. They laid it all out for us! We don't have to be radicals! We don't have to be unlawful or ungodly to do so! These men and women who formed the great Republic of America formed it under God...and it is with His help and only His help that we will restore it.

As I looked over this sea of liberty fighters from the past, one worked his way to the front...it was the simple man with the bandage on his head from the day before. He smiled at me, with a knowing look because he knew my fire had been rekindled, that I understood, he nodded slightly...It finally dawned on me that this was Samuel Carver!!!

No liberty is not lost, it lives in each heart of each person who holds it dear. We must wipe off the dust, the corrosion that has built up over many years. Chip away at what has been allowed to form, a ugly crust over the beautiful shining treasure that was obtained with hard work, faith and blood...we must continue to change the system back to a republic the best way we can.

It may come to the point of once again watering the tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants, but that time has not yet come to pass. It is time to be vigilant in our education, it is time to read the instructions left by our forefathers and God, it is time to move together to enact a change. It seemed an unsurmountable task to them back then just as it does to us now, but it can be done.

Can we put away our distractions? Can we toss aside those that keep us from the real work? Can we take this as seriously as those before us? I say yes we can. Well, I know for a fact I am sure going to try. My visit to where it all happened was a stark reminder, and the whispers and visits from those that were there, how can I tell them I am simply too busy? Or that it is just to hard? Never!

Oh and Samuel Carver? I looked him up. He was a patriot that fought in the revolution. He was born in 1757 and died in 1790 from North Carolina. He wasn't of political status or come with a ivy league education as far as I can tell. Just a husband and father, average person, that loved liberty. Just like most of us. Maybe that is why he was chosen.

I am not sure why he was chosen to be my "guide" during all of this but I have a feeling that I have not seen the last of Mr. Carver...nor have I seen the last of the spirit I saw in each of the patriots that formed this republic or the liberty won. I see it in each and every one of you that stands with me as we work diligently to, like the sun does each day...see Liberty Rising!

God Bless

Little Boots

*Side note I hope to go back to other sites where our liberty was fought and paid for by great men and women of liberty and see who I meet and what they have to teach me someday...maybe some of us can go together...what a journey that would be***

[Did you know no one actually knows where the remains of Thomas Paine are really located? He was dug up to be taken back to England for burial, it was said he was refused there, rumors abound that his remains were lost, auctioned off or are buried in various places, the museum displaying artifacts of his claim to have is brain stem.]

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