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Trouble on Mississippi Avenue

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

By: Doug Casity


We have seen areas around the country where Antifa has taken over, calling such areas “autonomous zones.” Typically, these areas also include public property, such as sidewalks and roads which are normally blocked off and guarded. We have seen the CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), in Seattle and most recently, RHAZ (Red House Autonomous Zone) in Portland.

The CHAZ was occupied for several weeks, resulting in multiple deaths due to lack of proper law enforcement and little to no mutual respect. There were reports that a street preacher attempted to enter the occupied area and was subsequently beaten for trying to use the public right of way while preaching the Gospel.

We also saw video evidence of the “leader” of CHAZ, handing rifles to young men out of the trunk of his car. Under current state law, multiple felonies occurred, and no charges were brought forth. Now we are seeing another lawless area pop up.

Mississippi Ave. in Portland, Oregon is the hotspot for the newest occupied zone. Regardless of the purpose of their protest, they are blocking a public road. Reports indicate that weapons have been confiscated and multiple people have been arrested so far in connection with the protest. Let me reiterate that; we have armed individuals, barricading a public street, while occupying a private residence. How is this allowed in America?

Surprisingly enough, Ted Wheeler, the mayor or Portland is unsupportive of this “unlawful occupation.” Wheeler has been friendly with Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups for the last several years, allowing the riots to continue for literally, months on end.

“I am authorizing the Portland Police to use all lawful means to end the illegal occupation on North Mississippi Avenue and to hold those violating our community’s laws accountable. There will be no autonomous zone in Portland.” Wheeler posted on his Twitter page.

It is a sight or sore eyes, a leader finally stepping up and putting an end to this madness. We cannot legally or lawfully block public roads without a permit. Barricades will not become common place in America, where we have the right to travel unimpeded.

Businesses and other residences are virtually inaccessible, due to these barricades. It is unclear if the sidewalks are passable, if so, you will most likely be met by a sentry or two as was the case in Seattle. The amount of occupied space simply must not be permissible. We have seen what sort of trouble this brings for the neighborhood, trash strewn about, human waste being improperly disposed of; not to mention the violence that has, or may occur.

Hopefully the mayor will have the local police department, as well as the Sheriff’s department begin opening the road so that Americans may travel freely down Mississippi Ave again.

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