Tipping Point

As our once great Republic is 23 days away from electing it‘s 46th President it is wracked with turmoil brought on not by a virus, not by systemic racism, not by a uncertain economic future, not even by the riots that ravage our streets nightly but by the communist, Marxist, Maoist, socialist party that call themselves democrats...some even disguised as rhino republicans who have used all of these things to their design.

These people who are pure evil have one desire which has been made clear to not only those of us who have seen what they have been doing all along, but to many who are waking up daily, to control not only the United States of America but the World. THEY HATE LIBERTY. THEY HATE FREEDOM. THEY HATE EVERYTHING THIS COUNTRY HAS STOOD FOR.

The indoctrination of the past generations is abundantly clear as they hit the streets. They have quit teaching real history in schools, if they had been these young people would have a whole different perspective. They would see how what is happening is dangerous, history repeating itself.

They are claiming racism, yet if you have to put a color in front of “lives matter” YOU are the racist. If you assume that someone is a racist because they are white, because they believe in God and conservative values, because they believe and uphold the constitution, because they believe in their heritage, because they fly the southern cross, because they support our president then YOU are the racist. YOU are the one that is intolerant.

I wonder what they would say if they knew that the civil war wasn’t really about slavery but about taxes and that Lincoln really wasn’t a good guy? Here is one for you, black people we’re not the first slaves...I can see their little minds exploding right now. Heck, I can see some who think they have been “red pilled” how their minds are screaming too! Yup time to go down more rabbit holes...have fun!

Police do not have a systemic racist problem they have a corruption problem and an issue where they are expected to do way more than what the job was originally designed. They only show you on main stream media the police targeting black or minority citizens. I have news for you. Plenty of white people are wrongfully murdered and incarcerated by the police daily as well. Where is the outrage for them? Where is the 24/7 news coverage and riots for them. The “say his/her name” hashtags for them? Oh wait, that’s right we don’t destroy our own cities that we have to live in making asses of ourselves and hurting our fellow Americans. We handle things like responsible adults.

I believe that we need police reform, letting the police get back to what they were meant to do constitutionally, going back to elected county sheriffs only. Then we would have law enforcement by the people (in theory). That is going to be a big task as the country is so polarized.

Back to the issue at hand. The violence plaguing our streets.

They claim that protesting is their right...yes it is...but they are rioting. They are killing people. They murdered another patriot in cold blood yesterday in Denver with one of the supporters of these violent anarchists screaming in celebration “One less white fucking supremest, fuck yeah! Right in the fucking dome!” The elected officials in these states are letting it happen. Now in this instance there were arrests made but will it be a catch and release as we have seen and the shooter absolved with blame being placed on the victim? I guess we will have to wait and see. Let me be VERY clear here, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are BOTH terrorist organizations funded by the DNC and their supporters who want to destroy America. Do the research and follow the money. Go ahead...prove me wrong. I’ll wait.

These terrorists have murdered innocent people in cold blood simply for being in existence. For having a different view. How’s that for tolerance?

Now here is where I and many others shake our heads. These same states, mostly democrat controlled, begging for federal help because they shut their states down (most are still shut down to some capacity or are shutting down again) because of the COVID FLU, refuse to ask for help for the violence in their state. Yet when the President says if they won’t do their jobs to protect their citizens, he will, and they throw a fit saying that he doesn’t have a right to interfere. Good grief make up your minds. This president, though I don’t agree with everything he does, has stepped back and given each state their sovereignty to handle the virus as they see fit. That is how it is supposed to work. They have to ASK FOR HELP, of course unless they refuse to do what is required of them for their citizens’ safety. They are making poor decisions and blame their poor decisions on the president.

They say that he is making a mockery of our democracy...news flash we are not a democracy! We are a republic!

As some in congress are claiming that free health care is a right. That free education is a right. That free housing is a right. That universal basic income is a right, I want to scream NO! It absolutely it is not.

You were not born into this world with a right to any of the above. These are things that you work for and earn.

OK this whole nonsense of white privilege, because it is nonsense, needs to be addressed. I am white, I am not privileged. Growing up my dad worked hard for what we had and we were not rich. We were a normal paycheck to paycheck family. It was the same way in my early Twenties, even as a young family we had to mind our finances very well. I did not go to college because I just could not afford it, I did not get to go just because I was white. Late in life I put myself through a trade school and worked hard to excel in life, then lost it all to an accident, now I live in a trailer struggling to make ends meet. No hand outs. Where is my white privilege that I am hearing that I have? That some emaciated skinny white girl at a Black Lives Matter protest screamed in my face that I had?

I could go on and on about how we are on a very dangerous ledge, a tipping point in our country. From the moment the 2016 election was lost

to the Conservative party, war was declared.

When we all said Happy New Year I don’t think any of us expected what the Deep State/Shadow Government had in store for us world wide.

It is time to draw your line and hold it fast.

I am not betting on the patriots, the silent majority, the letter Q, President Trump or a ballot box that just doesn’t work anymore.

I pray Trump does win to buy us a bit more time...but I am not going to say he will, there are more powers at play here. There is a great deceiver at play, a great evil.

I for one am putting all my bets on God and am going to fight with all my might for Him. We are in end times. A fight of good and evil, a fight for very souls...it is a veil that is so easy to see through. It is time we start lifting it and stop

Living in fear.

God Bless.

Little Boots

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