Time to Take Washington Back

Myself with Loren Culp and Rian Ingrim

As I sit here sit here filling out my ballot for the primary election here in Washington State I know that there are thousands and thousands of others doing the same thing. Some are filling out the circles simply because there is an (R) or (D) beside the name, some out of spite because they feel slighted by a party or person, some based off of lies, some based off of hope...others simply based off of wanting to get back to the basics...our state and United States constitutions.

I have met many of the candidates for Governor, can you believe we have 36...yes, 36! I like many of them on a personal level and many would make great Governors, but we live in a time where people do not want a politician, they want a real person yet a leader. Someone that will work for them, not special interest groups. Someone to feel good about.

We need this in all of the offices so that they can work hand in hand to get things back on track. You have read my pieces on the candidates. I can't vote for Matt Marshall as I am not in his district but he will be fantastic. Rian Ingrim, I have gotten to know him even better and he is ready to get going and play hardball for YOU. Joseph Brumbles has the heart of a lion for liberty and every single person he is running to represent as Lt. Governor.

My choice for Governor got sealed when I went to a rally just for that candidate. My husband and I drove onto the property and we just looked at each other and smiled. The feeling alone was of hope, filled with electricity, energy, and just very uplifting...and we had not even parked yet. People were happy, supportive of each other, and excited for the future.

Then came the candidate everyone was waiting for...Loren Culp, the small town police chief from Republic, Washington that has won the hearts of so many with his no nonsense stance on constitutional rights and many of the problems we face here in Washington. A real person with real answers. He must be doing something right because his opponents are really coming out hard against him. That is when you know you are doing something right!

I suggest you go to a rally and hear Loren speak for yourself, stay and take a moment to meet him. You will be glad you did.

His Biography information was omitted from the voters pamphlet for the primaries so I am including the link here. You will also find a link to his website and Facebook page in the links area of the site as well.


Thank you Mr. Culp, I know that being Police Chief of Republic is a great job...I used to vacation there, but you answered the call to this political circus and many, including myself are grateful. May God bless and keep you.

Little Boots

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