This Could Be You...I-1639

I wrote this before I-1639 was passed here in the fast becoming tyrannical State of Washington...but  NOW this really could be you.  It won't stop in Washington State just like it didn't stop in California, New Jersey, New get the picture.  When are We The People...when are you going to STAND and be heard?  Lawsuits are in the works, get behind them...we must  reverse this. 

This Could Be You... As he stood looking around his cell replaying what he had heard in the court room he wondered how in the world he got here, how could this happen? He had done everything right, he was a God fearing man who obeyed all of their laws… Constitutional or not; he just could not wrap his head around what had happened.

Kyle took a deep breath, sat down on the thin layer of foam rubber they called a mattress, lacing his fingers behind his head he laid back and let his mind drift back to a year ago when all of this began.

Linda, my wife, Annie our then 18 year old daughter, her 20 year old boyfriend Cody, and little Maggie then 6, and I had been out selecting and cutting down the family Christmas tree, Linda always liked to decorate early so it was still 2 weeks before Christmas. That was okay, it just made it a little more challenging to keep the tree green and alive but I had become a pro after all these years. Now we were all enjoying a night in by the fire drinking hot coco and apple cider, watching one of those sappy holiday movies the women like around this time of year. Living out in the middle of the forest in Washington State we had gotten a beautiful tree, it wasn’t snowing but it was cold out, so the cozy fire and the family time was nice. Cody got up abruptly from the love seat dumping Annie on the floor with a thud. “HEY!” He just giggled, “Time for a smoke kiddo.” She just frowned. None of us liked the fact that he smoked and we had made the rule that he had to smoke outside, but since it had gotten so cold I had said that he could smoke in the garage with the side door cracked.

Soon, Maggie was asleep on Linda’s lap so I went and gently scooped our little one up and carried her up to bed while giving Annie “the look” reminding her that Cody needed to go home as soon as the movie was over. “I know daddy, goodnight, I love you guys.” Linda hugged her and followed me the stairs of our modest little log home hideaway. Shortly, I heard Annie coming up stairs and Cody’s jacked up 4x4 pick-up fire up and head down the drive.

I wouldn’t say Cody was a bad kid, but you could tell by looking at him that he was rough, not the worked hard for what he has kind of rough either. Then again all dads want more for their little girls. As long as he treats her well, we wont have an issue.

Gina set all the boxes of decorations out on the floor that were safe for little Abigail to help with, being just shy of a year old, born on Dec 31st, this with be her first Christmas. Samual is the perfect big brother; he adores her and is such a big help. At 10 years old he plays man of the house when his daddy is off on his business trips like he is now.

There was a lot of excitement in the air that week. We decided that since Brent, my husband, had been gone for most of the month of December that the three of us would get the house ready for Christmas, outdoor lights and all. All that was left was the tree. I went out and got the tree, leaving Abigail and Samuel with my sister and going to a tree lot. I just couldn’t let Samuel be disappointed that we were not going up into the mountains like we would if his daddy were home. 2 more days…2 more days and he would be home, I always ache for his companionship when he was gone. We have been together since high school yet I still get butterflies in my stomach when I lay eyes on him at 35 years old.

I heard Abby wake up from her nap and went to go get her but Samuel had already gotten her and they were standing in the doorway. “Can we start decorating the tree now mommy, so that it is ready to light in case daddy comes home early tonight?” Abigail squealed “Yes” One of her few words. She was walking but the running was not quite there and she tried and fell to her bottom quite quickly, and started laughing and clapping her hands saying “Tree, Tree!”

I scooped her up, “O.K. Happy Abby…tree it is.” The whole afternoon and into the early evening we spent decorating the tree with a short pause to talk to Brent on the phone. I reminded the children not to tell daddy of the surprise we had been working on. Brent told me that he would be home tomorrow afternoon, a day early. FINALLY! I thought…3 weeks was too long.

When everything was put away and cleaned up, dinner had been eaten and baths taken, Samuel and I tucked Abby in to her crib. Samuel liked to help read and sing to her. She was out like a light. Such a happy and precious little girl. She was always smiling. Samuel was the same way. “Mommy…Abby looks like a little angel huh?” “Yes she does baby” “She doesn’t smell like one when I change her diaper though…yuck!” I had to cover my mouth to keep from laughing out loud. “Ok…off to your room”. Samuel ran to his room. I tucked him into his bed that was decorated with Disney cars…he never outgrew that, but that is o.k. He could stay my little boy as long as he wanted. “Mommy…will I EVER be as big as daddy?” “Only if you go to sleep and eat your veggies” laughing at the face he made. “Just kidding little man, yes you will, but you do have to sleep and should eat your veggies, now lets pray. After praying and hugs I walked to my room, got ready for bed and fell asleep before my head hit the pillow.

A thud and strange feeling woke me in the middle of the night. I laid still and heard footsteps coming down the hall. My heart started beating wildly but I stayed calm as Brent taught me and remember my lessons, I moved myself over to Brent’s side of the bed and quietly slid open his nightstand drawer where he kept his 9mm and the little box with the magazine. I felt for the 9mm…I started to panic when it wasn’t there nor the little lidded leather box with the magazine. Quickly I remembered it was in a small safe under the bed. I crawled off the bed and slid the safe out. With all the adrenaline running through my body and the thoughts of the kids my hands were shaking. What was the damn code! I can’t remember the code!!! Our bedroom door flew open. Brent’s side of the bed is on that side of the room as he always wanted to be by the door, between myself and anyone intruding. The intruder saw me and told me if I was quiet no one would get hurt. Then he asked if anyone else was in the house. Before I could answer the man, Samuel came through the doorway carrying little Abby who had woken up crying. This startled the intruder who turned quickly and fired three rapid shots.

I watched in slow motion horror as the bullet struck both of my babies. Samuel and Abby fell to the floor, silent. I could only hear the blood rushing in my head and my heart breaking, I did not hear myself screaming, nor did I feel the next two rounds that were fired into my chest to silence my screams.

The intruder turned back around to see who had come to this woman aid. He saw the two small children laying there in the growing puddle of blood and just stood there staring.

The older couple that were Brent and Gina’s neighbors and had adopted them (having no children of their own) had seen someone lurking around the house earlier and called the police who pulled up to the curb just as Gina took her last breath.

The officers made their way through the living room to the hall, their way lit by the tree the three had just decorated that night, they got to the bedroom door and yelled for the man to drop his weapon. His back was to the door now, he spun quickly, weapon in hand and the officers fired. Five rounds tore through the man’s chest before he fell to the floor, dead…in between Gina and her Samuel and Abigail.

There was a sharp knock on the door as Kyle, Linda, Annie, Maggie and Cody sat down for Christmas Eve dinner. “Who in the world could that be?” Linda asked as Kyle got up to answer it. When he opened the door two Lewis county sheriffs deputies stood there. “Mr. Kyle Addison?” One of them asked. “Yes” We would like to ask you a few questions if we may.” Kyle stepped out on the porch. “What is this concerning officers?” Well sir, we are sorry to disturb you on Christmas Eve but do you happen to own a” the officer looked down at his notepad “ Springfield XD 9MM matching this serial number?” The officer showed Kyle the number. “Yes I do own a gun of that make and model officer but the number I am not positive of, we would have to go out to the garage, the gun is locked in my gun safe. May I ask why?” The officers looked at each other. “Sir, we hate to tell you this but this weapon was used in the murder of a woman and her children last night.” Kyle’s stomach fell as he gasped “That is terrible! For it to be my pistol is impossible! There must be some mistake on the serial number you have, it is in my safe. I am happy to show you…follow me.”

The officers followed Kyle through the foyer to the garage smiling politely to the others sitting at the dining room table. Annie didn’t miss the shift and nervous look on Cody’s face. She grabbed his hand and took him to the kitchen.

In the garage Kyle reached behind his small power drill case on the shelf and pulled out a cherry wood box and opened it to get the key for the safe he then unlocked. It was neat and organized with AR-15’s, 308’s 22’s and some collector rifles standing in the back and both doors lined with various hand guns…but the spot where the XD should be was empty. He looked at the officers in shock. “It should be right there, I haven’t been in my safe since December 12th, I remember because that is the day I took my wife out shooting at the range, the XD is the pistol she likes shooting. I cleaned 4 or 5 of the pistols that we had used that day and put them back and locked the safe. We have not been in it since as we have been busy getting ready for the holidays.”

The officers went inside and questioned Linda, as they were talking to her Annie and Cody came out of the kitchen, Annie was crying. She looked at Cody. When he just stood there she said to him as loud as she could through gritted teeth “Tell them!” Cody, staring at the floor and said “I took the pistol when I was in the garage smoking…I am sorry. I had a debt to pay to some people and they were going to hurt me, or possibly Annie and it was the only way I could think of to pay them back. Money or guns were all they would take for payment. I am sorry. I am so sorry.” Kyle yelled at him…SORRY!?!?! A woman and her two children have been murdered because of your actions and you are SORRY?!?!?”

The officers immediately took Cody into custody and took a report from Kyle, Linda and Annie. They informed Kyle that they would be in touch.

Brent pulled onto his street Christmas Eve excited to get home, he had gotten the promotion which meant a huge raise and no more traveling. The best part is that little ranch house on 5 acres that Gina had been looking at…he had put the down payment on it while he was away. He could not wait to tell her. As his house came into view he saw the police cruisers and the crowd around then he realized it was his house. His stomach sank. He stopped short. Opened his car door and leapt out. The car sputtered and lurched, dying. As he approached the police tape and officer stepped in front of him “Sir…” “This is my house!” Brent practically yelled. The officer motioned over to his superior who came over and quietly told Brent of what had happened the night before. Brent no longer heard or felt anything and he fell to his knees punching the concrete sidewalk screaming.

The day after Christmas there was another knock at Kyle and Linda’s door. It was the same two officers from Christmas Eve. “Good day officers, how can I help you?” Linda said. “Ma’am is your husband home” The older one asked. “Yes come on in gentlemen” she invited. “If it is alright with you we will just wait here ma’am” “Of course” Linda replied. She went and got Kyle. Kyle came to the door with Linda behind him. “We are really sorry sir, we truly are…” What is this about guys?” Kyle asked. The younger officer just looked at Linda with an apologetic look as the older officer said “Kyle Addison we have a warrant for your arrest”

On what charge? He asked. “For improper storage of a firearm” the older officer replied. Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Im sorry sir but your are going to have to come with us said the younger officer. Kyle looked back into the house to see his wife and children with tears streaming down their faces, he told them he loved them and would be home soon. Turning back to the officers he said, “lets get on with this” and with that he walked down the front porch steps and out to the waiting police car.

Kyle had a great support system. The local gun club got involved, some local patriot groups rallied around him, some local politicians, to include Joseph Brumbles, a local man who had run for office in 2018, and even the NRA. He was able to get a great lawyer to take his case pro-bono as she wanted to fight for Kyle on the pure fact that the law he was arrested on was unconstitutional, completely violating his second amendment rights, and morally wrong, this was the first case brought to court involving this law. How this case played out could set precedent.

He remembered the prosecutor, Mr. Koch, using the word “should” over and over “should have reported”, should have known, under RCW 9A.20 he should have known that his pistol had been stolen, should have reported the theft sooner. Mr. Koch argued quite adamantly that loop hole in the law. That should. Why is there a should in a law anyway? Kyle wondered. Mr. Koch also argued that Cody was ineligible to have a firearm as was the person who took the lives of Gina, Samuel and Abigail because of their age under the law. Kyle thought to himself “well the law was nonsense,” but even without it Cody and the killer were ineligible because they STOLE the firearm! They were not law abiding citizens to begin with, but people who are against guns and are for more and more gun restriction don’t understand that. Restrictions on law abiding citizens don’t stop criminals.

His defense attorney was very good, she was on point with every argument but it was not enough. It was not even enough that Brent Carlson, the man who lost his wife and children took the stand saying that he did not blame Kyle for the death of his wife and children, that he blamed the person who had the gun, the person who gave the gun to him and above all the law that made it so that his wife could not get to a weapon to defend herself and his children in time.

When Brent Carlson had come to visit Kyle in prison his heart fell to his stomach. Kyle thought that the names sounded familiar. Brent, Gina, Samuel and Abigail attended the same church with his family and Kyle and Brent had attended a men’s retreat last year together. A hunting retreat to be exact. He never knew Brent’s last name, now he will never forget it.

The jury took the loop hole in the law and found Kyle guilty, so here he sits, in a cell awaiting appeal. It is all over the news. People are holding rallies….but, in the meantime a man is without his wife and children, forever…because she was denied timely self defense in her own home and another family is without their husband and father because he did the right thing but not in a timely manner according to the “law.”

This could be you.

By Little Boots and The Mountain Man

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