The Time is Now

Now that the primary elections are over for most now, and it is known who will be running for offices that represent We the People in each state; who will be running to represent We the People as the President of our once great republic and we will soon know who will be running for Vice President.

As a nation, every single person of LEGAL voting age needs to educate themselves independently from the mainstream media on each candidate on the issues that are important to them, then they need to dig even deeper; find out if that is truly what they stand for, go to rallies, debates, meet and greets…write out questions of your own for them…THAT is how you are going to know you are voting for the right person for what you believe to be the best path for your state and our country.

Here in Washington State the Governor’s race is going to be very close if the primary is any indication. It is now when you need to make sure that you are talking to your friends and family about why you are standing behind your candidates, invite them to a rally, give them facts that they can look at; make sure that you do not get heated or put them down in anyway for what they are believing, remember what it was like before you were “red pilled” or “black pilled” it is a lot to take in.

As for the candidates that we thought for sure were going to the general, I was sure we would be seeing Joseph Brumbles in the general for Lt. Governor, Anthony Welti for insurance commissioner, Brett Rogers for AG…you don’t have to change your vote, spread the word…write in! Write in that candidate; WE HAVE THAT POWER! It is time for the so called “silent majority” to stop being silent and docile. No matter what happens, no matter who wins, election or no election...this country, this world is in trouble and NOW is the time to be ready mind, body and spirit.

One can’t help but to think, had the freedom loving men and women not been so complacent, silent, docile, and “good little slaves” that perhaps all of us would not be finding ourselves in this “Twilight Zone Normal” existence where terms like “social distancing” and “essential worker” were heard everyday. We have two false flag events going on right now distracting the people from so many things that I will be discussing in the coming days and weeks. One false flag event made it easy for deep state actors to keep people locked up in their homes and steal God given constitutionally protected rights. Meanwhile the second false flag event saw protestors take to the streets initially asking for justice for one man…which turned into shaming people for their race, shaming this country for it’s history, demanding to be compensated for things that happened to their ancestors, calling all of our law enforcement officers bad and racist, destroying property, hurting and killing people, taking over cities…all the while bad legislation is being pushed through; a cashless system is trying to be pushed into place and many other nefarious acts against the Constitution and We the People.

Now is the time, the time for the patriot movement, the constitutionalists, and anyone that misses America to unite. I am not talking about holding hands and singing something from “The Sound of Music” or anything, but at least stop with the talking behind backs about something heard, damaging someone just because you don’t like them, the fed calling (for those of you who don’t know that is, it’s patriot name calling), maybe realizing that you are holding a grudge for a really stupid reason, a perception, something you can’t remember so you don’t bother to try to repair the damage…or your pride is getting in the way. If you genuinely do not like someone because they truly have wronged you (not just gossip, not a misunderstanding, you have talked to them and/or have proof) you surely can have a civil conversation with them and agree to band together for the greater good and the future. If you cannot achieve this, and soon, the future will be much darker than any want to imagine.

The Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA and all the other socialist, Marxist, Maoist, and communist groups out there helping to fulfill the New World Order agenda have figured out how to achieve this, how to work together even if they do not like each other. The communities aligned with the constitutional way of thinking are much more poised and controlled in their actions from what I have witnessed and should be able to do this with ease. Yet, the tearing apart of each other without cause, l have to say, is down to a science; imagine those energies directed at an opponent with which there is cause. Now is the time that uniting as one, city by city, county by county, state by state…all across this nation is crucial.

I have a friend who has been adopted into our tribe, our family. He is a patriot among patriots. Loyal, honest, caring, well trained and someone who showed me a perfect example of being able to set aside pride, forget differences and show the ability to work with another in order to place another piece of the puzzle of this broken country back. Kody and I ended up somewhere with some patriots that he had a genuine grievance with, knowing the extent of emotion on his part and the temperament of the others involved I was not sure if things would get heated. Kody was able to say hello and have a short conversation to enable things to get accomplished and have everyone feel good about the endeavor. This is how all should behave and act, each and every one of you have such an important mission. Thank you Kody for putting what many have been calling for into action.

I believe we are going through end times spoke of in the Bible. Things are going to get tougher, at times overcoming what seems to be insurmountable odds is going to be a “have to” in order to come out on the other side in one piece, just like these election days. With the insurmountable odds faced right now, if the silent majority can roar NOW, if the complacent and docile can become the movers and shakers NOW, if wounds can be healed, grievances set aside, and pride swallowed, to do what I am starting to believe is a myth, and that is…Unite…NOW! To see people that love their freedom, their God given rights, want their country restored join as one across this great nation and demand their REPUBLIC be re-established.

The time is NOW, to be seen, be heard, to educate, be forceful, be angry…the time is NOW to decide, once and for all a very real decision…are you going to die free and fighting viciously for it? Or are you going to die in chains along with your children and grandchildren?

Little Boots

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