The Second Amendment Under Attack

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Our Founding Fathers knew what they were doing, they knew that this was needed to ensure our freedom.

As we watch our rights coming under attack on a daily basis I have decided to delve into what I believe to be the most important one that the framers put into the Constitution. It protects us in all protects all of our other rights. The Second Amendment.

To do this we need to understand this right fully and answer the question...can it be stripped from us?

My answer to this question is only if we allow it. Our complacency is doing just that, I hate to say it but voting is not going to stop the deep state from doing exactly what they want to do. It hasn't yet. Their lies and evil seem to win every single time. We have to understand what we can do and we have to be brave enough to do it. That is the part that bothers me most, BRAVE ENOUGH TO DO IT. For those of us that believe in the true constitution, for those of us that know our history know what three percent means, we also know that in reality only one percent of that three percent will actually be brave enough to act. Will that be enough when the time comes? Probably not. Pretty dismal outlook isn't it? So let's change that. Let's empower that other two percent with some bravery, better yet let's get every single gun owner in this republic committed to restoring their natural rights they were born with. It is my hope that by going over the Second Amendment and what it means and showing each and every one of you how not even congress can take it away from you that we can win this war. MAKE NO MISTAKE we ARE at war. It is time to embrace our ultimate power as We the People, it is time to stop cowering from the term Militia and empowering our state militias, joining them, training and learning. So many have demonized the term when militias formed this country and militias will be our saving grace.

I need you to help me. Starting tomorrow I will be publishing something in this series every other day. On each day after I will post a printable pdf. that coincides with the article. Share with your friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, even people that you meet at the restaurant or coffee shop. Ask them to fill it out, what they think...ask them to come to the website and follow the series, comment, ask questions...I will have a team of people to answer questions and help out. Let's change the minds and hearts of all we come in contact with. We all don't have to have the exact same politics, religious beliefs, or cultural stance to want personal freedom. I will be incorporating issues with the First Amendment as well...they go hand in hand. With out these two, we have nothing.

Are we on the edge of a revolution? I believe the answer to that question is absolutely! Is it going to be bloody? It very well may be, but we can keep using our voices until then and maybe we will have a better chance on taking back our Republic. We have the playbook, we have the battle plans...time to study them, time to know exactly what our opponent can and can not do and decide that we are done LETTING THEM.

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