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Terrorism- Tactics Against Americans

By: Doug Casity


Portland, OR- Charter Mechanical has caved to the extreme demands of the left. A now former employee has been fired, due to his political beliefs. Jeremy Dawson, an employee of Charter Mechanical and member of their union, has displayed his patriotism at protests and rallies, which has cost him dearly.

The business, Charter Mechanical which is based in Portland, Oregon, specializes in fabrication, plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as various types of construction.

“In 2006 a group of managers that had worked together closely for nearly two decades decided to start a new business. Charter Mechanical officially opened its doors for business in September of 2006.” The history of the company reads.

The Charter Mechanical website claims that the business is based on two principals, “Take exceptional care of our customers” and “Take exceptional care of our employees.” Their actions would indicate that they only take care of you if you toe the line in silence and not engaging in your Constitutional rights.

Jeremy Dawson had worked for Charter Mechanical for seven years, most recently as the foreman of the Structural Department, having previously been heavily integrated in the metal trades and other positions. The union, United Association Local Union 290, has shown him little support, “Less support than if I was a liberal.” said Dawson.

Dawson explained that he and his wife had flown to the District of Columbia last month to attend a rally at the nation’s capitol. He explained that an Antifa reporter was staying in the same hotel as them and that he had run into the reporter earlier in the evening in an elevator inside the hotel. This reporter “doxed” him immediately, which led to a confrontation.

During the rally, Dawson said that this reporter had shown signs of fear, assumingly surrounded by a large group of patriots, spurring Dawson to leap into action. He pushed passed groups of patriots and Proud Boys and approached the reporter, then asked if she was afraid and offered to escort her to safety.

After the rally, Dawson and his wife flew home. This was after Governor Brown had a quarantine mandate for anyone flying into PDX, the airport located in Portland. Dawson went to work the following morning because Charter Mechanical did not enforce this travel mandate, but returned home electing to take the self-quarantine, not wanting to risk the health of his fellow employees. “On November 18th, I was pulled into a meeting where I was told I was fired. They didn’t care to hear my side of the story.” Adding that he felt that he was fired for using his First Amendment rights outside of work.

Charter Mechanical’s reason for firing Dawson was due to “Actions outside of work could have been detrimental to Charter and its employees.” During the protest, Dawson had no company identification on his person, so no one would or could connect the company to his political activism. Antifa has threatened protests outside of the business, blasting company leadership with emails and text messages about Dawson’s politics and engagement of his constitutionally protected rights. So far, no protests have taken place.

Oddly enough, Charter is demanding that both Dawson and his wife sign a contract that would render them silent about the firing. The contract demands that Michelle, Dawson’s wife, remove her emotional video that was posted after her husband was fired. It would also bar both of them from speaking publicly regarding this incident.

Charter Mechanical refuses to comment on this matter.

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