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Spiffy's- Civil Disobedience and Peaceful Protest

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

By: Doug Casity


Late Wednesday night I received a call to action to protect Spiffy's, a family owned restaurant in Lewis County, Washington. Governor Inslee had demanded that the Lewis County Sheriff escort a representative of Labor and Industry to shut the restaurant down, because they allowed sit down dining. Sheriff Snaza declined, causing Inslee to threaten to send in the state Patrol. A large crowd of nearly one hundred proud patriots gathered in the parking lot, waving flags and creating a human wall to block public officials from entering.

The atmosphere in the parking lot resembled a block party, there was music, a fire pit, and snacks. Families gathered, talked and, went inside to eat. There were few agitators; naturally. Some folks yelled from their cars, telling us we were more or less evil for supporting a local business. One person even tried running us over, flying through the parking lot, striking two people. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured and the police were notified.

I was quite surprised at the turnout, both customers and patriots alike. The support was almost overwhelming; cars lined the main road due to so many cars in the parking lot. One gentleman had a stand in the forward corner, selling tshirts, hats and other patriotic gear, which brought in lots of members from the general public who were unaware of what was going on.

Semi trucks and cars driving by blared their horns in support, further strengthening our resolve. Hopefully more businesses follow the example led by Spiffy's. Fear of fines and government officials coming to shut you down for trying to support your families should not be tolerated in a free America. Overall, it was a beautiful day for freedom and fresh made pie. I want to personally thank everyone for attending and supporting this restaurant in such a difficult time. Stay safe and stay frosty

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