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Spiffy's Reactions

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

By: Doug Casity


These are reactions from The Chronicle's Facebook post about our protest at Spiffy's. With roughly fifteen hundred comments, there are a mix of support for the community's freedom, with others showing outright hate for people standing up to what they perceive as government overreach.

Standing outside the restaurant was incredible, the amount of customers that came to support a local business and enjoy a meal in peace made me very proud.

Paul Replogle

"Flags shouldnt be there"

"Armed terrorists shouldnt be flying our flag"

Well Paul, it's interesting that you call us terrorists, while ACTUAL terrorists took over several city blocks by force, assaulted citizens attempting to exercise their Constitutional rights on public property and trying to extort local businesses within their "occupied zone." I didnt hear you criticizing them...

Edward A Lintott

"The county commissioners need to remove the sheriff. He took an oath to uphold the laws not just the ones he believes in. I hope someday his officers don't need assistance from a higher authority that higher authority determines not there not gonna do it."

The problem with Edward's comment is, the Governor is the Executive branch, he has no powers to make law. Creating law is left to the legislative branch. So to fine someone for not wearing a mask or a business for not shutting down has no weight, as there is no law to enforce. This is why we stood with the owner of Spiffy's.

Erin Nova

"Funny, if all these 'patriots' ordered food to go this restaurant would be just fine. You can also leave tips too. It is almost like they have nothing better to do than pretend to play soldier and show the world where they are lacking below the belt."

What Erin doesnt seem to realize...most everyone present DID purchase something. Something as simple as a coffee, to a full meal. The place was as full as was deemed safe, with a waiting list for a table. Most folks that chose not to wait placed a to go order and ate outside with us. This was a great example of "patriotism," because the community decided to stand for what they believe to be right.

I was proud of the turnout, even though we had a person attempt to kill the patrons. Yes, we were armed, because people actively try to kill us. We are accused of attempting to intimidate, but only if that intimidation prevents such attacks as was present. I hope more communities follow the lead of Lewis County and pushes back against this assault on our country.

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