Sheep, Wolves, Sheepdogs, and Gun Control

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

The history of the sheepdog was to “see off any predators, would stand its ground against any rogue beast and would see off man attacked by a bull or ox intent on mischief” according to the Old English Sheepdog Club of America. They protected their herd and their human. The sheep were unknowing of the dangers out there but were able to graze and sleep without worry due to the sheepdog. The wolves however were always watching, hoping for an opportunity to steal one, attack it, and devour it. The sheep were naive, the wolves were predatory, and the sheepdog was the protector against the wolves.

The analogy of the sheepdog by today’s society, are those whom are gun owners, using their god given freedom, protected by the second amendment, to protect those unaware of the dangers in society. The sheep are those people who are unaware of the dangers out there, naively believing that violence will not happen to them. The wolves of today, are the criminals, looking to attack or sexually devour these “sheep”.

You can see by this analogy that legal gun owners, most who have trained with their guns, practiced shooting them, followed the laws imposed on their rights, own guns to protect their family, their neighbors, their community, their state, their country. Wolves have no concern over laws. They are aware that there are laws against murder, rape, robbery, assault, home invasions. They don’t care about those laws. They are also aware that there are laws on gun ownership. They don’t care about those laws either.

A study in 2016 of prison inmates shows only 1.3 percent of criminals currently in prison legally obtained the gun, used in their crime, from a retail source. Only 0.8 percent stated they purchased a gun, for criminal purposes, from a gun show. 6 percent said they stole the gun, 7 percent found it at the crime scene, 43 percent bought the gun off the black market, and 25 percent had a family member purchase it for them or it was a gift from a family member.

The results of this study clearly show that gun control on the legal gun owners will have little to no impact on criminal’s hell bent on committing a crime. The imposition of gun control on legal gun owners, in effect, take away the sheepdog. Those willing to protect others who are unable to protect themselves or unknowing of the dangers out there. Gun control laws allow the “wolves” free access to continue carrying on their criminal acts without worry of someone, the sheepdog, preventing them from doing so.

In 1994, under Bill Clinton's presidency, there was a ban on “assault weapons”. The ban was a 10-year ban that was to be reviewed in 2004. A study by the CDC that was published October 3, 2003 concluded results: “In summary, the Task Force found insufficient evidence to determine the effectiveness of ANY of the firearms laws reviewed for preventing violence.” The ban was the not renewed. The study looked at the following laws: bans on specified firearms or ammunition, restrictions on firearm acquisition, waiting periods for firearm acquisition, firearm registration and licensing of owners, “shall issue” concealed weapon carry laws, child access prevention laws, zero tolerance laws for firearms in schools, and combinations of firearm laws.

One must ask with all these studies and results, why continue making laws against legal gun owners? What is the goal or purpose of the increased pursuit of creating more gun control laws if these laws clearly don’t work? Why throw all this data “out the window”? There is an agenda here, and clearly it is not to protect the sheep.

Anna May Rainier is a independent freelance journalist, patriot, and libertarian/constitutionalist.

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