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Reopen WA Rally

Updated: Dec 14, 2020


By: Doug Casity

On a beautiful Saturday morning, several hundred patriots gathered on the steps of the Capitol’s Legislative Building. “Reopen WA” was hosted by Rep. Viki Kraft and several of her colleagues. The Representatives had also invited Governor Inslee, out of professional courtesy, however, the Governor was nowhere to be seen. The Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem played, before different speakers stepped up to the podium.

In the crowd, you could see various signs, “REOPEN WA,” “HOLD THE LINE PATRIOTS,” “WE NEED A GOVERNOR NOT A DICTATOR,” “#LETUSPLAY.”

Chris, 37, dressed in a plate carrier with an Armalite style rifle slung over his shoulder said he was there to support the “Stop the Steal” movement, claiming he was standing up for what he thought was right. He wants to get the message out about Americans standing up for their rights.

Dan, 65, is a local Army veteran who was present to support the “Reopen Washington” rally. He has been protesting every weekend for the last several weeks, hoping to bring positive change to America and feels that communism is taking over the country.

Gary, 60, attended the rally carrying a large American flag on a large pipe. He has also been a regular at the rally for several weeks, hoping to bring back the Constitutional government that our Founding Fathers had intended. Gary explained that the flag was his fathers, a veteran of both the Second World War, and Korea. He wants to change the hearts and minds of the citizenry, hoping that they will join us in standing for our freedoms.

Around noon, a group of Antifa gathered at the corner of 11th Ave & Capitol Way, their strength estimated at twenty or so members. Beginning with an argument over megaphone, what was a peaceful 1st amendment right, soon became chaos when a truck bearing the “Trump/Culp” signage was vandalized by an Antifa member causing anger within the area to spread like wildfire when a group of patriots tried to push back the attacking force causing a verbal confrontation to ensue within the area.

With the two groups screaming at each other, a scuffle broke out. Bear spray and pepper balls flew through the air, until a shot rang out. Both groups scattered behind cover, with weapons being drawn. Thankfully, no further rounds were discharged, and the confrontation was limited to verbal lashings and the occasional tussle.

A 27 year old male is reported to be arrested regarding the discharge and is being held in Thurston County Jail on first and second degree assault.

The patriot group nearly doubled in size, as did Antifa’s. The two groups battled down 11th Ave, turning north onto Washington Street. Olympia Police, donned with riot gear, gave a dispersal order. Antifa headed back onto Capitol Way and headed north, blocking the entire north bound lanes with a company of police cars following. No further fights broke out as the two groups made their way to City Hall, where the two sides faced off again and OPD declared a riot, ordering everyone to disperse.

The patriots backed off, while Antifa huddled together for several minutes, heckling the police about the “abuse” sustained by the patriots. After several long minutes, Antifa split up and a mile long traffic jam on 4th Ave was able to begin moving again.

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