Remember the Enemy

Often times in this fight to restore our natural rights and Republic, we find ourselves forgetting who the real enemy is…the Deep State and not each other. Instead of realizing that many of us come from different backgrounds, upbringing and generations; some with very different understandings of things, yes even the constitution. We often end up forgetting that the person we are talking to is on our side, though they may have a different perspective. If that perspective is in fact needing of some constitutional alignment do you think that yelling at them or calling them names is going to change that line of thinking? Of course it isn’t, they are going to put up their guard, dig those heels in and stand firmly planted in their place.

I had this happen recently in one of my social media posts, it happens quite often in many posts I see. Someone doesn’t quite like what someone else has to post or does not have a clear understanding of where the other person is coming from. Instead of trying to explain to the other party with some facts or taking it into a private message to try explain each other’s view civially it turned into name calling of several of the participants. Now, no one in these situations is at fault, I have often at times sat at my computer and had to fight the urge to type out some pretty colorful adjectives myself, but I had to remember that not every person is in the same place of understanding and that the topic of liberty is a very emotional one for many people…especially those that have made it their life’s work.

When there is even the smallest of infringement on any of our rights it is liberty lost. The amendments may not list a specific item such as the 1st Amendment may not specifically state “You have the right to state your political views how ever you wish on social media and not fear repercussions from the alphabet agencies or be banned from using said social media”, but this is something we all know is protected by the 1st Amendment. Freedom of Speech. Now, you also have the right to tell someone exactly what you think of them, as a person the 1st Amendment protects that God given natural right, does it mean that you should be mean and hurtful? No. Does it mean that you are free from repercussions from that person for doing so? No. We must use our rights responsibly.

As for the huge debates over the 2nd Amendment all over the internet over magazine capacities, bump stocks, so called “assault weapons”, the amount of ammunition you can buy, on and on an on…the same thing applies here. “Shall not infringe” that means if it pertains to your right to bear arms, including anything that goes with that firearm, it should not be limited or prohibited by the government. If someone buys an “assault weapon” and uses it to do harm, or a bump stock and uses it to do harm, then they will face the consequences of their actions, but we have the natural right to own these things. Just because someone does not understand why another would want these things does not make these items unconstitutional, it means that they themselves would not want them. I personally own one of the so called “assault weapons”, does that mean that I am going to go out and do harm to another being with it or behave unlawfully? No, it means I am practicing my constitutional right to do so. I personally do not see the need for a bump stock for my rifle, but I am not going to say that my brother or sister standing beside me with the identical rifle cannot have one simply because they like them…I can pull my trigger just as fast as their bump stock allows them to. It is a matter of preference, that is all.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

In plain English…

“Because a free state needs to have an army that is well regulated, people have the right to keep and carry weapons (guns, etc.) for their security and self-defense. Congress shall not make any laws to limit that right.”

When we are seen on social media fighting amongst each other that makes us look as if we are not a united front to our opposition.

May I suggest that the next time you see anyone discussing or debating things we hold so dear, such as our liberty, and that discussion is getting to the point of name calling or tearing each other down on a personal level, that you turn that into a educational opportunity. Go find the facts and use a little diplomacy to share your opinion, who knows you may teach each other something and find new unchartered common ground that was not there before. In the process you just may catch the attention of someone from the other side of the fence that is watching and start the process of changing their mind.

Every situation can be a learning experience if we can remember that when We the People are working together and we are not the enemy, and that there is always someone watching that we may be able to influence to the truth of the matter we are discussing, but only if we are not busy tearing each other to shreds.

No matter if it is the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or the elusive 10th amendment…they all are imperative to our Great Republic and the tiniest of infringements is a loss of liberty and a move in the wrong direction, even if the infringement is on something you don’t agree with anyway and care less if it is banned or lost, that is how we got here in the first place…someday it will be with something you want to keep.

Keep your eye on the prize and remember who the enemy is.

God Bless

Little Boots

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