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Patriot Angel Radio Communications

By: Doug Casity W6BFV, Dan Macinnis KG7TAK,


Our team will have scheduled broadcasts over UHF, VHF, and HF frequencies, both licensed and unlicensed, should the internet or power grid go down. This is a contingency we are putting in place to do our part in keeping information flowing, even if conventional channels fail.

At the scheduled times and frequencies we will begin with the Patriot Angel News Bulletin, followed by a directed net.

In the morning, at 0900 hours, we will be on FRS ch5 (462.6625 MHz). At 1000 hours we will be on MURS ch5 aka. Green Dot (154.600 MHz). At 1100 hours, we will be on CB ch5 (27.015 MHz) in south boundary county, Idaho and on the Capitol Peak repeater at 145.470 -0.600 MHZ PL 100Hz for western Washington state.

In the afternoon, at 1600 hours we will be on 446.100 MHz amateur radio frequency. At 1700 hours we will be on 146.500 MHz amateur radio frequency.

In the evening, 1900 hours, we will on 7.230MHz, LSB. This may change depending on amount of traffic on the band so scroll until you hear one of our callsigns or our transmission. We will move up in 20KHz steps every 2 minutes until we find a clear freq, going no higher that 7.300 Mhz. Do the same going down from 7.230MHz, going no lower than 7.187MHz

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