One World One Government One Money

I have read so many articles on this subject that all say the same thing that is being said here. As you all know Mike Adams no longer has a voice on Fed Book, Info Wars, Pete Santilli, Millie, or any other media outlet or civilian reporter digging deep and being loud. Well I have finally found my platforms of choice and will be there mostly but as some are just to addicted to FB or have set up their business there and can’t move I will push their content out as best as I can. Mind you I am just getting back in the game after a hiatus of sorts and in preparing for what is coming I myself do not have a ton of time if find everything and get it out I will try. If you find something that you feel is fluid, important, new or new information thay supports something already mentioned please send me an email to I have brought someone in to help me get posts out and will be posting her email shortly. God Bless all of your and keep you safe.

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