No VICTIM, No CRIME...KC Massey's Words on what happened at the border in 2014

I received this from my indirect contact with KC. He wanted the story to be made public. I have no doubt that is from KC and recent. * * * I went to work on the border in June 2014, after seeing news reports and after talking with my Texas DPS and Police friends telling me "Muslim" terrorists were crossing our open borders(according to DHS Intel). I originally went to observe first hand what was happening down there. it didn't take long to recognize the corruption of BP agents along the border. in West Texas we witnessed BP "Handling packages" we were subjected to them following and harrassing us instead of chasing and catching illegals crossing our border. Laredo was much of the same. I was called and asked if I wanted to come to Brownsville to work on a private property in August 2014. When I arrived I met the property owner Rusty. He was a long time resident of Brownsville and had witnessed first hand the atrocities of the criminals on the border. Rusty had to shoot an illegal at an early age while breaking into his home. He told me the horror stories of the brutal murders of his pets by cartel because of trying to silence anything that would alert people. He told me about his neighbors being victimized too. We started out mainly on Rusty's border front property. We were quickly introduced to the police and neighbors and began developing a trust, within a few weeks we were patrolling numerous private border front properties. We even had neighbors who requested we patrol by their homes that were near the border. We eventually gained over 4 miles of river/border property to patrol. At first we met with the top Cadre from the Brownsville BP and from Houston. We developed WRITTEN ROE's and SOP's to help alleviate any issues we might encounter on the border and in the bush with BP or law enforcement. Everything was going good, we located crossings and gained Intel on the cartels methods. We were cleaning up all the garbage left on the river by the illegals and cartels. we were beautifing, the area by picking up literally tons of left over trash bags, clothes, water and food refuse. it all turned south when we stumbled onto the BP/Cartel honey hole in Sable Palms sanctuary. This was/is a hotbed for narco and currency smuggling. We had only previously dealt with illegal crossers up to this point, not any real signs of narco trafficing. That all changed Aug 29, 2014. While doing our customary job of cleaning up trash and marking illegal crossings, we encountered and "dismounted" BP agent. We asked if everything was ok, since they are usually NEVER on foot unless something was happening. He informed us there were illegals in the area being pushed toward our location. (BP Radio transcripts PROVE they knew we were in the area and were with BP). I specifically asked if he needed backup, since we were only 20ft from the river and there were several heavily tattooed young men walking in the river on the Mexican side talking loudly and shouting in spanish. I sent "Jesus" John Foerster with the BP agent heading south, I remained in the middle as I sent "Wolf" Alan Varner(fed informant) to the North so we could watch the people in the river.(we were approx 150yds apart) while in my covered position observing suspected Cartel members, I heard 5 gun shots. By the report, I knew it was by a pistol. my original thought was it was the cartel trying to intimidate us. I stayed in my position until my person's of interest went beyond my sight. As I went to relocate my position to observe the suspected cartel members, Wolf was on top of the ridge above me. He told me BP was looking for me. I asked why he said he didn't know. He pointed me in the direction of that BP agent had gone. While walking to meet the BP agent I saw him coming towards me holding the weapon Jesus had been carrying (an AK pistol) and Jesus was about 20ft behind him. As I encountered supervisory BP agent Cantu(corrupt agent) he told me there had been a problem, one of his agents Gonzales, had mistakenly fired his weapon at Jesus. I asked if everyone was ok, and he said yes. I told him since nobody was hurt, no harm no foul. We didn't want to pursue any charges against Gonzales, for the illegal discharge of his firearm(by BP UOF manual and Tx law) toward Jesus. Cantu said since a federal agent discharged his weapon he HAD to call the Sheriff. The long/short is we were detained(NOT FREE TO GO) for over 5 hours, they took all of our weapons, including a pistol that was in a storage compartment on the Mule. All without warrant or cause since we were the "victims" of an assault by a federal agent. After receiving a FOIA request through ATF, I found out the feds had requested the Sheriff take our guns for "suspected" NFA violations(weapons we're reported to be fully automatic) hence they illegally took our property, then told us to go back to camp. After this our interactions with BP was very limited, when before they came and solicited our help almost daily. We still maintained contact with the non-corrupt agents, while closely observing the suspected corrupt agents. Videos of BP encounters with us are on the YouTube channel "KC Noneya" For the next few months we observed the collusion between the Cartel and BP agents. We learned their tactics and we able to thwart most crossings in our AO, and cost the colluders several million dollars according to some CCCO and CCSO officers. We had helped reduce property crime by 80% according to them. We were gaining more river front properties, and were helping do things for community members. In early October (corrupt)BP agents stepped up there harrassment and intimidation tactics. The video of one of these such encounters is documented on YouTube by the title "BP Jam up" There are 2 parts of that days encounter, DOCUMENTED as proof of what I'm saying. They ADMITTED they did not have JURISDICTION over us or over the properties we were on. A few days later we filmed a Cartel coyote guiding people across the river as a BP agent was sitting in plain view of the illegals and the coyote crossing. We interceded them and made them cross back. in the video you can clearly tell who was Cartel and who were illegal human traffic. You'll clearly see the guy with the mask and pistol, and the coyote who crossed them. He put his clothes back on that he had left on the Mexican side of the river. this is on YouTube as 10-16 something videos. one is raw the other is edited. It was only days later the feds sent over 20 agents to arrest me at our camps motel room, as I was suppose to be going to meet with a Dpt.Sherrif to try to see if I recognized some people they were looking for. We were STILL trying to work with LEOs that we THOUGHT weren't corrupt up until the very day of my arrest. In the "lies" affidavit for arrest and search they used to arrest me, they used lies coupled with innuendos not supported by fact, which all was made clear in my trial. I never had ANY "automatic" weapon, Jesus NEVER pointed his weapon at BP Gonzales, and I was 100% legal/lawful to own and possess a firearm under Texas law, Texas Constitution and the Federal Constitution. The federal law they charged me with has NOTHING to do with "felon in possession" as told to the public. The law was written under the Constitutional authority to "Regulate Commerce". I was never engaged in "commerce" nor was I ever on federal property. The feds allege because a firearm are "some point" travels through commerce that gives them authority over that weapon for ever. What's next the feds have "jurisdiction" because a product(firearm)(tennis shoes or T Shirt) traveled through commerce? Jurisdiction is one keys to stopping this federal tyrannical overreach of federal power. Jurisdiction is defined in the US Constitution under Article 1, as are the ONLY powers granted to the "Federal" government, the rest remain with the States and the People(see 9th and 10th amendment)

I was kidnapped by federal agents, and sent to federal prison for NOT violating the law(Common Law)(there was as no victims) as written but as "Interpreted" by the lower courts. This law written because of the Mobsters in the 30-40s hijacking "affecting commerce" shipments IN commerce. Commerce is defined in the US; as the moving of goods or services on a large scale, the SCOTUS also talks about commerce in US V Lopez. Congressional records along with a Constitutional analysis clearly shows the abuse of their authority and deceptions about having "Jurisdiction" to limit a NATURAL, INALEINABLE Right to keep and bear arms for defense of self, neighbor, State or Country. No testimony was ever offered that I had, used or possessed a weapon for ANY OTHER REASON than self defense.

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