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National Guard in D.C.- A Soldier’s Prospective

By: Doug Casity


The nation’s capitol now looks like an occupied zone, with numbers of National Guard troops reaching twenty thousand- more than current troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq, combined. Recently, we have seen pictures come around on the internet of soldiers currently stationed at the Capitol, sleeping on the floor, benches, or wherever they might get a chance to rest between shifts.

These images have sparked a large amount of donations from citizens and demands for proper gear for these soldiers to get some rest. The leadership of the troops has put out a statement thanking the public for their concern for the soldiers but said that there is not a logistical capacity to spread the funds, noting that the troops have arranged sleeping quarters in local hotels.

Anyone who has served our country will know, you will take a nap any chance you get in the field. Myself, I have used my helmet as a pillow, even a water bottle. Have you even fallen asleep standing up? This soldier has.

Depicted in the images circulating, seems to be soldiers that have been relieved for several hours before their next shift, and instead of returning to their temporary barracks, it was easier to find some real estate on the floor than burn time going back and forth. Soldiering is not an easy life, as the pictures show, but I want to personally thank everyone that reached out with donations and those that tried to ensure these troops were taken care of. It shows great character of our nation and even for old soldiers like some of the Patriot Angel team, we want to extend thanks and gratitude to those that support our defenders.

We also want to remind our readers to stay safe, stay vigilant and remember, the running password is “Benghazi.”

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