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Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Who is KC Massey? Well you have read the news stories (if not I have included links below), now let me tell you about my friend and brother.

When I first called KC I didn’t know what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a breath of fresh air in this patriot world of people that talk out of both sides of their mouth.

KC has no problem saying exactly what he thinks and feels about a subject or person and he is not going to waiver in that opinion...those opinions are not made out of misinformation either, it is from educating himself or personal experience. If you are wrong about something he will tell you and he will educate you as to why. He will not argue the point, he will simply tell you that you are wrong, give you the information and facts as to why you are wrong and tell you to research it for yourself. There is no argument. End of story.

People often assume that because KC is from the infamous 1% biker world, cusses, is brash and in your face about things that he is headed for hell...quite the contrary. He is a man of great faith with a strong personal...note that PERSONAL relationship with his Lord and Savior. Organized religion is dangerous, this is one of many things that KC and I agree on.

KC has studied many of the religions out there, he has studied philosophies, governments, most of all KC has studied himself and learned his own weaknesses and how to recognize them to learn how to overcome them. One of those we have discussed many times is patience.

This came up when I told him that I struggle with this often and I pray to the Lord for patience and I want it right now! After a good laugh, (KC’s laugh is big and from his heart and very infectious) he told me that he struggled with patience as well, it was something that the he and Lord worked on with the help of the prison system.

I guess that would do it, not much to do BUT be patient locked up inside concrete walls waiting for your freedom that should have never been taken in the first place.

KC is an expert on the Constitution as well. The true Constitution. Not the watered down, shredded, unrecognizable, faded, falsified document we claim as our constitution today.

KC has 4 grown kids and grandchildren, one was born while he was wrongfully incarcerated by our federal government. One of his daughters a marine and one of his son in laws is a peace officer and KC could not be more proud of them. (side note look up the Latin meaning of government).

KC is/was on parole and was doing everything that they asked even though they were making it as hard as they possibly could for him. Trying to make him travel unreasonable distances for check ins, trying to give him violations for using CBD oil for pain (which is not a violation).

KC just wants to live in peace, he wants to enjoy his children and grandchildren, watch them grow, laugh and giggle. He wants to live the rest of his life in the sun, rebuild the life they took from him. Maybe even get the truth out about what happened at the border and get a pardon. Honestly, just living out the rest of his life with friends and family without being bothered would be just fine with him.

One thing I do know, like LaVoy, he will live to his last day out in the open, not in a cage...I don’t know about anyone else reading this but I don’t want another good patriot killed because the government didn’t want their dirty secrets revealed or the “virus” known as the Constitution spreading. I refuse to lose another good friend. I will do everything in my power to keep that from happening.

KC Massey is a good man, friend, Patriot, American...I am so thankful he is in my life and I want to keep it that way.

To the U.S. Marshall’s looking for KC I am fully expecting a visit from you. I encourage you to come and visit me. I would actually welcome the opportunity to speak with you, the sooner the better. I am sure you know how to find me.

You will find a petition on my FB page, my websites Patriot Angel and Liberty Or Death News, my MeWe page and on Redoubt News for a pardon for KC. If you can find it in your hearts please sign it, don’t forget the email conformation follow up. Soon I will have decals up, maybe a T-shirt to raise awareness for KC and a pardon for him. These will be at my expense, simply to raise awareness for KC.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about KC Massey. If you have any more questions or concerns please email me at

God Bless and may God Bless our Republic.

Little Boots


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