• dougcasity

Mossyrock Freedom Rally

By: Doug Casity


On 12 December, a rally was held in the small community of Mossyrock; after the city council voted to ignore Governor Inslee's mandates. Surrounded by Cascade foothills, in the shadow of Mount St. Helens, this town was filled with patriotic Americans. Nearly two thousand people of all ages and backgrounds showed up to support the local businesses. With all speeches, music and open businesses, you'd almost forget we are in a pandemic. Speakers such as Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, Erik and his son, Aryah Rohde and Matt Marshall stood on a flatbed trailer and spoke to the crowd.

"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, those are the founding principles of the Declaration of Independence. All of these things have been taken away from us," Matt Marshall said during his speech. "Our Constitution clearly states that all political power stems from the governed." Marshall, the founder of Washington Three Percent, called Governor Inslee a king, going further to say; "He is a dictator for not allowing the legislature to assemble for a special session." He also urged the members of the crowd to get involved, stating "making noise sometimes isn't enough." The founder of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson took the microphone. "Do you know why they don't want us gathering in taverns? Where did this country begin?" Gibson asked the crowd. "That's where angry men sit and drink and air their grievances." Gibson later told the crowd, "It is important to know the difference between a representative and a leader." The manager of Lemon Cafe said the support from the community and city leadership was "Amazing." The Lemon Cafe is owned by a mother and daughter, who have been lucky enough to be considered "essential" and thankfully have not been seriously impacted by the lockdowns. When asked how to motivate other communities to follow Mossyrock's leadership, the manager replied, "Depends on the area. Our risk is lower here," adding that "freedom of choice is gone." Washington's Governor Jay Inslee has threatened several business owners, so backlash is always a risk. Lemon Cafe said, "I wish they would let us be." The wonderful ladies of Hair Remedy and Browse said, restaurants have probably been the most affected during these lockdowns. "As a whole, Mossyrock has been very supportive, probably more than other towns." The manager, when asked about how to encourage the rest of the country, replied "We have to go back to work. We can't expect the economy to survive if we continue to be shut down." John Freeman, 37, also spoke to the crowd. He identified himself as a business owner and a veteran, claiming his business was deemed "non essential" by the governor, and as such was at risk of losing everything. Freeman spoke not only to the crowd, but the Governor himself, urging us all to follow our oaths, even going as far to call Inslee "A domestic enemy" for violating the Constitution and our rights. "You work for us, Jay Inslee, we will not comply!" He boomed into the microphone. "When people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears it's people, there is freedom." When asked what his motivation for defying the Governor's orders was, he replied, "God was my motivation," saying that he is a born again Christian. Freeman also said that the support from the community was tremendous, saying it's "Nothing I can imagine." Freeman called Mossyrock "The front line," and expects some sort of backlash. To the rest of America, he says "Pray, pray and ask yourself 'what should I do?'" Mossyrock Police Chief Morningstar, said that the City's motivation was that they didn't want the town to collapse. He also said that any backlash would depend on which direction the State wants to go. Mayor Sasser was unavailable to comment further on the matter.

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