Message on behalf of KC Massey

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Hello Everyone,

I am reaching out on behalf of KC to help dispel a little bit of the whisperings and gossip I have been hearing about him.

KC and I are in contact several times a week and he is doing quite well, he has not in any way left the patriot community or the fight to restore our Republic or Constitution to its rightful standing.

He is simply waiting quietly out of the reach of tyranny, praying for guidance on his next move so that he is able to to what he knows to be right. Which is what we all should be doing, not putting our trust in a man in a big white house but The Creator of that man and this universe.

KC is NOT hiding in fear. Facebook did NOT PUT HIM IN Facebook jail...they took down his pages completely. They are wiped away...gone. He is well aware of the situation.

Please keep him in your prayers that the things that need to happen and needs that need to be met come to pass so he is able to once again reach out on his own personally to other patriots.

KC and I will be working on getting something out to you all directly from him via his tab here soon on a weekly to bi-weekly basis so you can hear from him on things that are happening in this country, around the world and in his world.

Thank you for you love and concern and again, please don’t SPREAD or share ANYTHING unless you yourself have vetted it carefully and tirelessly. We are living in dangerous and precarious times and must act accordingly to protect ourselves and one another.

As always...

God Bless,

Little Boots

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