Meet Rian Ingrim for Congress

I met Rian quite a while ago and was intrigued by his no nonsense approach to his campaign and to the problems that we face as a country. The fact that he is not a career politician without special interests that genuinely wants to return to a government that is run by the people for the people is something that I find very refreshing in this day and age.

When I sat down with Rian I already had an idea of what kind of person he was and what he stood for as we had talked at various event and started to form a friendship, but I had some particulars I wanted to ask him. I was not surprised by his answers.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first, it is all already out there but not by me…so here we go.

Rian attended the University of Oregon on a track and field scholarship, graduated with a degree in psychology, a fun fact is that he went to the PanAm Games in Cuba in Track and Field as well…what a great life experience! He joined the military as a Logistics Officer, stationed in Germany where he met his wife then serving 15 months in the middle east; Iraq and Afghanistan. He ended is military career at JBLM as a commander of 178 soldiers. Medical retirement forced him out of the military but his oath that he took did not end there, he lives it every single day. Rian continued his education with business school in Durham England receiving an MBA, he left England and ran a fashion company for about 1 year in East LA before realizing that California was not his family’s cup of tea. He started up a small business, to include the first CBD food truck in Tennessee and includes other health and wellness products such as bath bombs, tinctures etc.

My first question for Rian was about the two huge federal bills that are waiting in the wings right now that we are not hearing a whole lot about right now. HR 5717 and S 4068, both of these bills would essentially end the second amendment protections of our God given, natural right to bear arms within a generation. His response was “Nothing that infringes on the second amendment. Ever. That is how I vote. Period.”

I asked how he felt about the whole Covid-19 situation with the country and state shutting down and the economic fallout from it. He simply answered “Open up. To recover we need to have government accountability, no immunity.’’ He is not blind to the huge issue that this shut down has caused as many of our current state and federal representatives seem to be. He mentioned that “We need to bring businesses back here. Deregulate, give tax credits and incentives to bring them back to America. Bring big Pharmaceutical companies back to America instead of having 90% of our pharmaceutical needs shipped in from China. America First.”

Of course I asked what he thought about this mandatory mask mandate that many states have implemented as they are reopening states. He is not in agreement. “It needs to be by choice. If someone feels that they need to wear a mask by all means they should, no one should be forced or shamed into wearing a mask.”

In talking to Rian where neither of us were not being pulled in a thousand different directions at an event I could see in his eyes how much he really cared about the people and the issues that this state and country faces. He is truly one of those rare gems you find these days that throws their hat into the ring for the well being of the people. I have no doubt in my mind that when elected Rian will be the voice that Washington’s 10th Congressional District has been longing for because it will be their voice.

He will not be one of those leaders that is approachable while running for office and then closes his door when elected, that listens now and turns a deaf ear when elected, he will be a strong and forceful representation for all that he represents…now and after the votes have been cast.

After my lunch with Rian I as able to tag along to help distribute some food for a veterans outreach program, this was not for some campaign promotion, this was just Rian being who he is. I don’t know about you but this is the kind of person I am grateful to have as a friend and is someone I want representing me in congress. Real, honest and with heart.

I hope you have taken the time to go out and hear candidates speak, taken the time to talk to them…because if you have, I know for a fact that if you have spoken to Rian when August 4th comes around you will have no doubt about marking that little box next to his name. If you haven’t been out yet there is still time, there are some really great events planned and it is a chance to meet some great people and have some fun. Hit Rian up, he will always make the time to talk to people.

For more information or to help with Rian’s campaign I have included the links below and on the links section of the site.

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