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Some of you know Matt Marshall from 3% of Washington, a group that he founded and is the former president of; Some of you know Matt from various events and rallies, most recently the rally In Olympia, Washington that Sasha Cohen attempted to prank which ended up backfiring on him horribly by supplying nationwide press for many candidates running the same platform as Matt;

Some of you know him through his campaign, work, the position he holds on the Eatonville School Board, the Army, or his medical training events that he holds. I want you to get to know the Matt Marshall that my husband and I know. After all, knowing who to vote for and trying to decide who the best candidate is, is a hard thing to do… made even more difficult by the main stream media and opposition that will pull out all the stops to smear their opponent with the attitude of “The truth be damned” and not caring about who they really should be…YOU!

I met Matt via a Facebook post I had made and he was so kind and helpful, so of course I thought immediately that he could not be trusted. He was just too helpful, I was so very wrong. He turned out to be one of my closest friends and remains as such today. If Matt tells you he is going to do something, if it is within his power to do so he will; if it is not within his power to do so he will find out how to make it within his power to do so or find someone that has that power. He is a true example of the age old saying, “where there is a will there is a way.”

I have seen Matt fight many different battles in life and he always does so in a way that is true to himself and what he believes in. He has a strong faith that is first and foremost in guiding his path, followed by the constitution of both the United States and Washington State. He believes that our rights are natural rights granted to us by Our Creator and protected by the constitutions of our country and our individual states. He will stand by those constitutions for all, equally, despite race, sex, religious or political views; it does not matter if you like him or hate him. I have watched him grow and expand his knowledge over the years in many areas and I can say he is conducting himself from the heart and in a way that would make his Father proud, both earthly and Heavenly. I have heard so many call him a racist, bigot, Nazi, white supremacist, fascist… you know, the same rhetoric that is spewed at anyone that believes in the constitution, carries a weapon (usually the flavor that spews bullets at a very high rate of speed), supports Trump, or believes that ALL lives matter. He is none of these. As a matter of fact I could give you many example of how he is NONE of these things, but I am only going to give you one. Matt has adopted an exceptional young man as his little brother, Aryeh Rohde. Aryeh has been speaking up for liberty and the constitution from a very young age and is the youngest member of his three percent group. You see when those that oppose Matt call him Nazi they fail to realize that the young man standing next to them is Jewish and that his grandfather suffered the horrors of Auschwitz. Maybe they also miss that Matt often has someone of a different nationality in his circles…. that is because Matt does not see color of skin, he sees people.

I am not going to give you a bunch of facts and things that anyone can tell you about my friend, you can get that anywhere. I am going to tell you that Matt Marshall is not running with a (R) by his name just to get elected and then will go off and become a RHINO. He will vote constitutionally every single time. Always. He is not a career politician, he is a working man, a combat veteran, a father, a husband, son, brother, friend…he IS we the people and he will work and fight for every single one in his district. If you need to talk to him he will listen, he will not make decisions based on personal feelings it will be made on facts and constitutionality. Simple and real. Honest. If he feels that he needs counsel he is not too proud to seek it.

He is the kind of person that will give you his last penny if you need it and then find out a way to get YOU more if necessary before he replenishes what he has given. He will work with you on reaching your goals and as I said earlier if he can’t do it he will help you find the people and resources that can.

I have seen Matt extensively with his girls and he is definitely an adored daddy and those girls have him wrapped around their fingers, which is how it should be. He is a doting Daddy, taking the time to play with, cuddle, hug, and teach his girls about life. He doesn’t just teach them about life, but he teaches them life skills, fire starting, foraging, first aid and other important survival skills. The most important thing he teaches them though is about love for others and faith.

We need change in the government, federal and local; In Washington State we have some great people running for all offices. People that are just like you and I that will get the job done without violating anyones constitutionally protected rights in the process, because ALL lives really do matter. I will be putting out pieces on all the candidates that I believe would be the best “We the People” choices; for the State Representative of the 2nd Legislative District, Position 2 that person is Matt Marshall.

Next time you see Matt at an event, take the time to stop and talk to him, ask him your questions, ask him the tough questions… go to his website, FB pages and Twitter. Talk to your friends that may not think it is important to vote, it most certainly is, maybe those one or two democrat friends that have become disenchanted with their party and their actions; how about that friend that was just recently “red pilled” and feeling a little overwhelmed. This election is the most important one we have faced in a very long time, we need to make sure we are informed and get the right people in, because no matter who wins the presidential election we have some turmoil coming our way, we need strong leaders to guide us through, I know for a fact that Matt is one of those strong leaders tempered with common sense and compassion.

“I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.”

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