Meet Joseph Brumbles

Many times when you meet someone who is running for office for the first time you think that they are putting on a good show, a “face” for the public. That is exactly what I think when I meet a candidate anyway. I had the opportunity to meet Joseph Brumbles before I put together that he was running for office here in Washington. Yes, I know, I am a little slow putting things together sometimes but you know what, I am glad I was this time because the next time I saw Brumbles he was speaking at an event and I saw the exact same person I had met earlier in the month at the relaxed get together weeks before. No show, no exaggerations, not a disingenuous bone in his body what so ever from the person to the candidate, he was the same. Back then he was running for a Representative position, now he is running for Lt. Governor. I am not going to get into the politics of it all, that will be for a later piece. This is about the man.

I call Joseph by his last name frequently just because I like it so I am going to do that in this piece is natural to me and I don’t really think he will mind as I know many people do this. Since my first meeting with Brumbles I have been able to start forging a friendship with him and his girls, this has been easy because unlike so many others in this fight for liberty I never have to question what he says, it just is, that is that.

He lives a modest life with his girls working hard to build a good life to make sure that they are happy, healthy and feel loved. Being a single father has its own special challenges and Brumbles takes these challenges head on and gladly. Family is important to him, how his girls grow up is important to him and what they grow up to learn and have is important to him. I am not talking just in a material matter, I am talking the matter of true liberty.

Most people have forgotten what liberty is, because they took what we had from us so very slowly; a license here “Oh that makes sense” and fee there”Oh ok” a tax there “I can see how that will make things better in the long run” to where we are asking permission to do things on land that we bought, paid taxes when we did, will for the rest of our life, with money we earned after it was taxed, that we found with a car that we bought…you see where I am going with this.

Brumbles, is a diamond in the rough in the fact that he understands exactly what happened, when it happened, how, and that it isn’t something that is going to be fixed over night or by one man, not even the President of the United States…as some seem to think.

Brumbles knows what liberty is. Liberty is very simple. Liberty is being able to live your life the way you see fit as long as you do no harm to another person or their property. Liberty is being able to protect yourself and your family. Liberty is being able to take care of and feed your family. It is being able to exercise the natural rights you’ve had since that day you were born. God given rights that the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect. These documents did not give these things to you.

The next time you have the opportunity to go and hear Joseph Brumbles speak please do, hang out afterwards, talk to him. He will take the time to talk to you. Ask him questions or just chat. You will see a man who wants what is best for Washington State and beyond and you will see that he is genuine.

I will be writing more as time goes on about Brumbles and his politics, but for now I just wanted you to meet my friend that I have been shooting with, who came to my hand fasting renewal, who always answers when I call just to talk, who has the sweetest little girls on the planet and is just like you and I. He is not a politician. He is We the People. He wants what you want and when he is elected he won’t be working for you at the big dome in Olympia, he will be working with you. We need more real people like him in every state capital working with the people to get this country on track.

Something he said to me is that he will never stop fighting, I was so grateful he said that to me. He didn’t know it because it was at a moment in time that I was ready to throw in the towel in many areas. That little comment, paired with the look I saw on his face, then I looked at his girls…then my husband and I knew that I could never stop either. Thank you Joseph. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for fighting against tyranny and for liberty. I will never stop fighting either

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