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Mask Hysteria

By: Doug Casity


A small business owner, Amber, 37, runs a small laundromat and has a medical condition that prevents her from wearing a mask. She has suffered ridicule and resistance over the subject, both at her place of business and the grocery store. At work, she spends most of her time behind the counter, overseeing the operation of the machines and selling soap, soda and other items.

“People weren’t doing laundry in the beginning of the pandemic. We still don’t have as many customers as we did before.” She said.

According to Amber, most customers will not say anything, however, she has had several inquire about her not wearing a mask and on occasion, receives complaints from the customers about other patrons not wearing a mask. “It’s not my business as far as I’m concerned,” Amber said. She also noted that her employee, who also does not wear a mask, has never received any complaints.

Amber explained that during a visit to Safeway, a store she frequently shops at, has never given her a problem about wearing a mask. At the door, they normally ask her if she has a mask, then explains that she has a medical condition and that is where the conversation ends.

During one of her latest visits, she accidently bumped into another shopper. Amber apologized, however, when the gentleman turned around and noticed that she wasn’t wearing a mask, he walked away and found an employee of the store. This employee then approached Amber, telling her that she could not shop without a mask. Amber explained to the employee that she had already had contact with the employee at the door regarding the matter and was allowed entry after explaining her condition.

We have seen videos of public “freak outs” of people losing their minds over people not wearing masks. A couple was maced for not wearing masks during a picnic at a park, another lady was followed by an older man in a store for not wearing a mask. People are arrested, face fines and losing their jobs over these mask mandates. We have also seen a rise in the suicide rate during these lockdowns. America and the world are eagerly awaiting an end to this pandemic.

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