Liars, Leakers, Liberty…oh and Covid19

Far too often we are so concentrated on what the Democrats, The Left, The FAR Left, Socialists, Communists and all the other groups that are out there to destroy our God given rights that are supposed to be protected by the constitution are doing that we do not even take the time to look at what is going on in our own little bubble.

In this fight for liberty that most of the readers of this blog are in and dedicated to, we have our own little petri dish of a society. At first when I jumped into the dish I had this shiny perception that all who were in it with me were good and honest individuals all there for the right reasons and for the same united goal…to get our republic back, to restore liberties lost and retain the ones that were in peril…I could not have been more wrong.

Please, don’t get me wrong, I have met so many great God fearing, liberty loving, big hearted, honest and wonderful people on this journey and I am sure that I will meet some more. Let me explain.

I am sure when you you read this you thought I was going to be talking about what has been going on with President Trump, Russia, Russia, Russia, the not-so-impeachyment and all of the other things coming out of the clown car that Nancy Pelosi is the face of these days; but like you I am sick of hearing about it.

There is so much going on from state to state, county to county and city to city any more it is simply impossible to keep up with. I remember when I wrote about I1639 that was being pushed hard for and against here in Washington State and I mentioned that what happened with it would be setting the stage for how emboldened other anti-gun/blue states would become…enter Virginia. Now, I could not be happier at the turn out of support for our fellow countrymen and women fighting to keep their natural God-given right to keep and bear arms without infringement…but these so called representatives of the people in office obviously do not listen to the voices of the ones that put them in office. Same old story.

Then we still have many patriotic prisoners, we have people being targeted still for things that are just incredulous, we have a very segmented community, State Representatives that are being attacked with the attackers trying to force them out of office with blatant dishonesty…now let’s toss in Covid19 just to keep things interesting. We are being lied to about that too. Go to educate yourself.

I had to step back for a little bit after another great man, father, grandfather, warrior for God, teacher of the constitution and friend died. I couldn’t “patriot” I will forever blame the Government that wrongfully charged him where there was no jurisdiction for them to do so, found him guilty of the false charges in the face of evidence (where have we heard this before) and after he served his time, harassed him to no end until his death. That is the very short version of what KC Massey had to endure. I realized though that KC would kick my butt when I got to heaven if I quit. If you knew KC you know what I am talking about. My story with KC will come…just give me a little more time.

During this time I looked back over the past years, I have not lost as much as LaVoy and his family, KC and his family, or the patriotic prisoners and theirs…I haven’t lost as much as some of the supporters but I have lost a lot over the years as many of you have. Some things that can never be replaced, a part of me that is forever changed.

I have changed, a certain…oh…I don’t even know what to call it, trust? Innocence? What ever you call it is definitely gone. I have learned how devious and dark peoples hearts can be, how nefarious their intentions and that even with a great sense about people some are just so good at the art of deception you believe that they have the best intentions, even if there is that little tug from somewhere that you just can’t quite feel or hear through their bullcrap that is painted with gold. Yeah I have learned.

These people are all around us, some on a daily basis, some are leaders in the community, some even started out with awesome intent but got bit by that good ole ego but and lost what it was all about. Some are trying to ride along and get some notice that way, others just like the thrill of knowing that they can stir things up, destroy relationships, careers, lives. True evil. Some, well they are just paid informants or flat out agents. I don’t care what flavor they are we all have run in to them and they all have cost us something.

I thought during this time, does it even matter to them? How do they sleep at night? If they knew the extreme pain they caused people would they stop? Could they? Maybe some…but for the most part no.

There is so much put into the deceptions, they change emails, private messages, texts to fit the narrative they need for their targets, they build fake lives sometimes, they gaslight…the list goes on and on. So no, they don’t care. So what do we do? What can we do? I have found that there really isn’t much we can do.

Truth telling is very UNPOPULAR. “You need to take that down you are doing nothing but causing division” “You should have done that in private” “This person has done so much good how can you say that”….on and on and on. It does not matter if you post documentation or not of a plethora of misdeeds and damage this person has done to hurt, discredit or destroy others YOU the one telling the truth somehow are the bad guy. So tell me how is the patriot community any better than the circus we see going on with aforementioned “democratic party” other than we want a limited government (we the people, for the people by the people), the constitution (in its original form) restored, and we have conservative values?

There have been a few times I have gotten angry and lashed out at some of these people, I am sure some of you have too. You are not sure who to trust, who is lying, who is in it for the right reasons even though they say or seem like they are…I am in the same boat. Here is my suggestion, if you can relate, be part of a change.

Instead of fighting back, turn your back. I used to think who cares as long as their gun is pointing the same direction when stuff goes sideways; no it does not work that way. I have to trust, believe in and be proud to stand next to the person I am standing next to. That may just be me.

I have been reaching out beyond who I have met from when I went boots on the ground in Seattle for Schuyler and in Oregon at the refuge. Past the groups. The patriot community does not stop and start there. I have found so many, I have found some that wanted to take the jump but didn’t know how, I found some that were red pilled but now the have been black pilled, good people that are in it for no other reason than to find the truth, restore this republic if possible, and if not…sustain themselves and their loved ones and new extended family as long as possible until it is time to go Home.

It is time to start a new patriot movement. One that is a little more honest. A little braver. We have a sheriff in this county that is scared to go arrest the Governor because he doesn’t want to get fired. Think about it. He was elected by we the people, who is going to fire hime if we want him to do this? We the people are to scared to demand that he do this. We the people are too scared to do what we need to do. It starts with us. We the people need to make the change.

So many are doing so much and it is amazing, but if you want to break away from what I am talking about either the truth teller have to stop being persecuted for telling the truth and lifted up for it…or it is time to make a movement that will be strong and unafraid, without the division of deception.

Look around you, we are living in dangerous times and we are living in end times. God is beginning to bring down his judgement on a sinful nation. I don’t care if you believe in God or not, you look around and you know things are getting sideways out there, a pandemic, swarms of locust in Africa destroying the country, floods, the earthquakes, the volcanic activity that is unprecedented…I am not trying to create fear here. I am trying to make you realize, that it is time to put the pettiness aside. Make up your mind what is worth fighting for and over.

I miss LaVoy, I miss KC, I miss my best friend that the evil in this movement has cost me, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY! In the same token I am so grateful for those of you that have ALWAYS been there, helped me see when I couldn’t, go on when I didn’t want to, catch a different angle when I didn’t think there was one. Thank you. YOU are what is going to reboot this movement. YOU are the ones that are going to let the truth tellers speak. YOU are the ones that are going to hold the ones with deception or wrong intent in their hearts accountable. The time is now.

As always, God Bless.

Little Boots

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