Leader of Humility

Giving Back: Matt Marshall staging to get ready to go out with WAIII% to hand out supplies to the homeless in Seattle, Wa. the weekend after Liberty or Death 2 Rally

I first met this leader online when I had found that my ex-husband had lent my Benelli Nova Shotgun to someone and that someone had taken off with it. I put a call out with the persons name, a description of what the person supposedly drove and his supposed area of residence.  This leader was one of the first people to respond to me.  He was very business like and precise in his questions to gain more information and to try to help me find this person.   

We, through many groups all over Washington State looked for the person described to me and the vehicle but there was no recovery of my beloved shotgun, the conclusion is that the story was just that…as story.  I did how ever end up getting something that is of much more value and priceless to me, a true brother.  Not just of the patriot kind either, I count Matt Marshall as my brother in the truest sense of the word after knowing him for quite some time now.

After this first interaction with Matt I continued to watch what he was doing and what WA3% was doing and I was very impressed.  This man conducted himself with confidence that was not laced with the ego that I had seen in so many of the patriot group leaders before.  It was this ego, and the “look at me and how great I am” attitude that had me swear off groups and be my own person in this fight for the restoration of our Republic.  He was the type of leader that did not take the credit for what was being accomplished but gave it to those that were working right there beside him, because of this and the way he treated people, his group was growing…and fast.

I kept watching Matt, little did I know, he was watching me as well. I had requested to have a interview with him in December of 2017.  Being in the Army he had that presence about him that almost made me want to salute, but he was very articulate and fun to be around and had good answers to every question that I had for him.  I left very impressed.  Most interviews with group leaders had been “I have done this” or “I have done that”  Matt’s comments were often “WA3% has reach out to” or “In talking with this group we have accomplished bridging this gap.”  There were the comments where he said he felt it was important that certain things happened or that he had initiated an idea but that he could not take any credit for the results, then he really blew me away when he told me that WA3% had a board that voted on everything and that he didn’t have a vote.  Get this, he even set his own term limits of 2 years because he doesn’t think that one person should just assume that position of power indefinitely.  Someone else with fresh ideas and drive should be able to be voted in.  Like I said, no ego…a very humble and real leader.  I actually started thinking of joining WA3%.

I saw Matt one more time before we moved east of the mountains for a bit at a second amendment rally where I was part of the security detail.  It was brief but he was the same Matt, gracious and touched bases with all that he could while he was there. 

We stayed in touch while I was on the east side and even met up in Burns to celebrate the Hammond’s coming home. We all stayed at the Silver Spur; him, his girls, Craig, Dan, and myself and had a great time talking and really getting to know each other that night. Matt was deployed while the Refuge situation was going on but watching him as we went to the spot where LaVoy was gunned down by our very own government you could see the emotion and how much Matt cares. Not only for our constitution, our rights, but for the feelings of the people that are fighting beside him in restoring those rights and fighting to restore our Republic. 

That evening I got to see Matt as a father and I have gotten to see much more since. His girls adore him as he is a loving yet firm dad who cherishes every moment he has with his girls.  He teaches them right from wrong and when they have questions about what is going on, he takes the time to get down to their level and explain to them.  

As our friendship has grown and I have gotten to know Matt as a leader, a family man, a military man, career man, and as a friend, I can say that there is no one better God could have picked to be my “big brother.”  He believes in the constitution…for everyone, even those that oppose his political position, he is loyal to those in his life that are to him.  His ability to see places where bridges can be built where others don’t see them has opened up opportunities to have lines of communication where in the past there haven’t been any. 

As my circle grows smaller and smaller, and my inner circle has become almost non-existent, I am honored that Matt is in that inner circle as part of my family, as one of those that I would lay my life down for, as one that I would lay hot brass down for.  When I say family first, please be aware that this statement includes Matt Marshall.  

If I had not made that first stand in Seattle, if I had not gone to Burns and gotten as involved as I did, I may not have met Matt.  So no matter how hard it has been, and no matter how hurtful all the truths that have come out have been or how hurtful the ones still to come are going to be, just having this addition to my family will have made it all worth it. 

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