Land Of The Free? Home Of The Brave?

Updated: Jan 9

"periculosam, libertatem quad quiet servitutem” Thomas Jefferson

Translation: I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude”

As I watch, more and more Americans are giving up their liberty without so much as a little struggle. Many say it is only temporary, not seeing or not wanting to see the full scope of what is happening. It isn’t just happening to America but it is happening to the world. I am having a hard time understanding how so many can be so blind and others so complacent.

Indoctrination? Yes that has been happening for decades, yet there are many people that are fully aware of the tyranny that has slowly been being applied to our lives on a daily basis. So I can not attribute what I am seeing to that.

Lack of caring? Fear? Lack of knowledge of what is going on behind the curtain? For many this is the case, but for most of the people that I am acquainted with, that is not the case as far as I know. Yet, I see masks, social distancing, other like minded people screaming at each other for not doing what the government mandates.

I know at times I can be a little too idealistic, I get that. I do not look at it as a flaw though because I see this within myself and can counter it very well; this is where the fight within has been coming from for me.

I am not seeing a land where the people are free, and I am not seeing this as being a temporary issue. I see this as a way to get us all ready for the new normal in the world. “We are all in this together”. When I first heard that phrase, and I now hear how often it is being repeated…it is not just a phrase to try to give encouragement, it is a phrase too condition, “We are all in this together” by The New World Order.

I am not seeing a land of the brave. I believed that people that believed in our constitution, saying that they would stand and fight for our freedoms would do just that. I am ready to go. Yet there is once again, silence among the ranks. I can see where some said “give the social distancing a chance”, but now people are on lockdown in their homes, the government is deciding for us what is essential in stores to buy and what isn’t and ensuring that we have travel papers! Anyone that knows history, fire alarms should be ringing in your heads…forget bells going off!

Where is that line? Where?! Is it when they lock the first person up for being out and about? Or is it when someone doesn’t have travel papers and gets thrown away in a cell? Is it when it dawns on everyone that things are not going to get back to normal? We have already learned that they will do this to an innocent person and come up with charges later, holding without bail. My line has already been crossed, it was crossed January 26, 2016, and again this December. I am but one person with a small voice. I know there are millions out there just like me, I just can not for the life of me figure out why they hell they are still stuck in neutral.

They have drawn the line in the sand months ago, yet I still hear “patriots” talking about where the line is, some say it has already been crossed…if that is so then why the hell has there not been a call to arms to TAKE our liberties back? When will the people learn that rallies DO NOT WORK? What did we gain in Virginia? They still pushed the laws through, sure some got tabled for now but they ignored what we the people had to say.

PLEASE do not get me wrong I am so very proud of my fellow Americans who were able to go and make that stand, with others who are usually on the other side of the street including John Brown Gun Club, Antifa and others in support of our God given rights protected by the Second Amendment. I was sad that I could not be a part of it yet I thank all that were able to. Ace Baker, VCDL, Alex Jones, Larry Lewis, John Cody, Christian Yingling, Darren Culbertson, Craig Havney, Mike Rage,Tammy Hill…my mind is drawing a blank on all the others but my heart is full of all that you did to make that happen and the statement it made to the rest of the country.

Why is no one standing, why is there no call to arms or at least a call to action? For the love of all that is good please keep such things off of social media…if we have learned anything it is that they prosecute and jail people for life off of just social media posts. Yet I still see people planning things on social media. Have we forgotten how to make calls? Have we forgotten how to meet in person? Have we forgotten how to write letters? Have we ignored the fact that there is encrypted email…not Telegram or Signal…but email. Sure it takes a little more work but is our liberty not worth it?

Why are so many of my fellow sheepdogs acting more like sheep than the protectors of such? You can’t honestly believe this is all necessary for a virus! We have had worse in the past and never lost our rights over it, and that is in the assumption that the truth is being told to the people, which is doubtful. Look at all the events leading up to this, use your critical thinking. The heavy handed gun grabs, the failed attempts in removing our president, what their agenda is…add it up…then this virus and the reaction to it makes a lot more sense.

We are living in an amazing time. A time when prophecy is all coming together with world events. This is just another step in that happening…but we as a people have a choice to make regardless. Are we to be led like mindless sheep to our eventual slaughter or do we stand strong against insurmountable odds as our founding fathers did to try and protect our God given rights from a tyrannical government?

If our founding fathers could see what was happening to the Republic they fought for, lost everything for; today the blood soaked ground where they laid would be boiling from them turning over in their graves. How proud they would be of the patriots of today.

Will the American people accept shackles on their knees or fight standing free?

Lest we not forget the wording of the Second Amendment. Everyone is so quick to quote “shall not be infringed” yes that is vital, but what we need to remember now, is what our founding fathers intended…that they faced insurmountable odds for to secure. No one recites the FULL Second Amendment. Let me refresh your memory.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Will the American people accept shackles on their knees or fight standing free?

It is time to decide. NOW!

“Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

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