This is one of MANY bikers sayings I use. "If I have to explain, you probably won't understand"

Well I will attempt to explain, what many don't seem to understand. JURISDICTION.

Jurisdiction is EXTREMELY important. It gives "government" the ability to write "law" under their "jurisdiction" Writing laws are part of "legislative" powers. A city can not write an ordinance/code/law for another city, one State can not write code/laws for another state BECAUSE of JURISDICTION. Chinese laws can't be enforced in Washington DC, no more than our(US or State) laws apply in other Sovereign Nations.

Due to the fact we are a "Constitutional Republic" each State with their own Constitutions are "Sovereign" to any other State or entity. The federal government was created to make sure the States couldn't diminish your INALEINABLE Rights, and to protect those Rights. Bear in mind " the creature can never be greater than the creator"

The federal government was given certain powers under the US Constitution, they are defined under Article I. The powers given to them were "few and defined" Where the seat of the federal government would be, how big, and where they have "legislative jurisdiction" and the other necessary duties that were better centralized, like Paying for the Military and defense of this nation. Regulating "commerce" between States, Foreign Nations and Native tribes. Coining money of Gold or Silver, etc so forth and so on. Those powers are "supreme" to other State government authorities. They are also the LIMIT of federal powers. The federal government was never intended to affect the lives of ordinary People. They were to be the Silent Protector of the People.

All that to say, the federal governments "legislative Jurisdiction" is defined as 10 miles square and over government employees, property lawfully purchased and owned by the government and whos physical "jurisdiction" had been ceeded to it by the State legislature of that State, for necessary buildings, magazines, ship yards etc.

To sum it up, the federal government does NOT have the "Lawful"(legal and lawful are not synonymous) legislative (power to write "code/laws") jurisdiction in ANY State UNLESS that "jurisdiction" was LAWFULLY ceded/given to them by that states legislature OVER the property they are trying to enforce a federal code/law on. The federal government does NOT have "supremecy" over a State on NON ceded land.

Our States have sold out their Constitutional DUTY to protect our Rights, to the federal government in modern times, for all that "free" fed money That still does NOT change their Constitutionally authorized powers, and obligations.

Our rights are not revokeable they are Inaleinable, UNLESS, you create a victim(tennant of Common law) by harming someone OR their property intentionally. Government, Local, County, State or federal has no greater claim over your life or property UNLESS you harm another or their property. Yet they violated this every day of the year. Evil prevails, when good People do nothing.

Corporations are not People, and should not be treated as such, but the are according to federal "code". Corporations are meant to camoflage who the real people profiting behind the curtain. They deserve no "rights" only privileges like a 14th amendment citizen.

WAKE UP, we are not subjects of the "Crown". We are free People with certain Inaleinable Rights bestowed on us by our Creator, we are not below government, we are above it. We the People created it. The creature can NEVER be greater than it's Creator.

May God bless his flock and prepare them for the battles ahead.

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