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Israel Bombing of Syria

By: Doug Casity


On 12 January, the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), hit several strategic targets in Syria. The Albu Kamal and Deir Ezzo area near the Iraqi border is heavily used by Iran to smuggle weapons to terror organizations such as Hezbollah.

Currently, the death toll is tallied at five Syrians and eleven Iranians. Aircraft with the IDF bombed 18 targets, including bases and storehouses that are believed to contain weapons. These strikes seem to be a retaliatory action after troops discovered roadside bombs in the Golan Heights.

An area of the Damascus airport was also hit, where Iranian military officials are headquartered. Prior to the attack, leaflets were dropped along the Golan Heights, warning residents to stay clear of Iranian and Hezbollah bases, a clear indication of a strike.

While damage is still being assessed, it is reported that a number of Israeli missiles were shot down, prior to reaching their targets.

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