God Given, How can Government Remove?

My questions for Americans, especially those who claim to be Patriots.

#1 Who has the greatest interest in your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness than you do, WITHOUT creating a victim?

#2 Who has a greater Right of protection of our lives and property, We the People OR government? While they are heavily armed with "weapons of war" we are relegated to only be able to defend ourselves as government sees fit.

#3 How does government have Dominion over our own bodies, and they control what we eat, drink or think. Whether you are abusive toward yourself or not, we are children of our creator NOT government.. They are not our "rulers" they are supposed to be our representatives.

#4 When is it appropriate to surrender your life and liberty when you have not harmed anyone? When government makes a law requiring it?

I want to answer my own questions as you ponder them.

#1 the true answer is NOBODY has a greater interest in Your life, liberty or pursuit of happiness UNLESS you infringe upon another(thus creating a victim) person's rights or property!!

There should be NO exceptions. Government can NOT be a victim without actual damages.

#2 The answer should be crystal clear if you've ever read our founding documents. WE the People, have the RIGHT and obligation to protect ourselves. The SCOTUS has ruled NUMEROUS times, Police have no "obligation" to "protect" people's lives and property. So it is our duty and obligation as Americans to defend ourselves and loved ones, morally and spiritually

#3 Our creator gave We the People Dominion over our bodies and lives. God gave us "free will" to do whatever we wanted to ourselves including suicide. Some may want to debate that FACT, and I'm willing too, just not in this letter. Fact is our lives belong to Us, not government. They have no authority under the US Constitution or "Law" to make us their wards UNLESS you believe you are a 14 amendment citizen.

#4 Never!! If you are subject to laws that don't apply to politicians/government, and Cops, why would you arbitrarily give up your life and freedom? If those laws are in contradiction to the "Laws of Nature" and don't uphold your INALEINABLE rights, it's not lawful. Legal and lawful are NOT synonymous. Lawful refers to God's law (natural law) legal is the shit they use to enforce political edicts upon FREE people, CONTRARY to our INALEINABLE rights. I will NEVER surrender my life OR Rights without having harmed another person or their property. Just because someone created a law, does not make it lawful, only legal. I don't and won't ever acknowledge any enitity as supreme over me but my creator. I have the INALEINABLE Right to defend my life against ANYONE who would wish me harm or death, and I will do so until my last breath. Government had NO Rights above ours, they are a creation of the People. A creation can NEVER be greater than it's creator, that defies the laws of nature.

So while the majority of the brainwashed US sheep believe government is over them, those of us spiritually awoken know better. Those who know better, better stand up while you can. I'm marked for death by the federal government because I won't allow them to further infringe my natural INALEINABLE rights. They have told henious lies about me, including calling me "violent" "dangerous" "domestic terrorist" etc DESPITE no factual proof of ANY of their lies. I was once a well respected member of my community and given several accolades for my phillantropic work in my community. I was respected and loved by my community. Now according to our "government" I am a danger to society DESPITE no factual proof or evidence to support their lies and NO history of "violent behavior". Don't get it twisted, I am a man of great compassion, therefore I have the ability to defend my compassion in any way necessary, including bringing great powers of Gods wrath upon those who would wish harm done to me. As I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for God is my protector. They are taking us out, slowly but surely. While y'all watch them do it to others, your time is coming. I never dreamt this could happen to me, but I am painfully reminded daily of this reality. Stand United while you can, don't allow hate among you. Love is far stronger than Hate.

May God bestow his blessings upon his flock, and protect us from evil.

love, loyalty and Respect,

KC Massey.

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