By Ruth Platz

He is a single father.

His boys are his whole life.

He raises his boys on his own,

Since the passing of his wife.

He served his country bravely,

He fought two tours of war.

He instilled his morals in his sons,

Honor, integrity, respect, and more.

He is a loving father.

Patient, firm, yet kind.

His boys are becoming great young men,

At 14, 11, and 9.

The oldest wants to be a soldier like Dad,

The middle son wants to race cars.

The youngest wants to be an astronaut,

He takes his father seriously when he says to “reach for the stars.”

He has taught his 3 boys manners.

They say please, hold doors, and offer their seats.

They carry in groceries for their grandma,

They do dishes, feed the horses, and sweep.

He is an understanding father.

He listens, and gives advice.

He disciplines the boys when needed,

And teaches them wrong from right.

He teaches the importance of working hard,

He makes sure they do well in school.

He teaches his sons about the constitution,

He makes sure they know there’s more to life than being “cool”.

He is an involved father,

Spends time having fun with his boys.

They fish, they hunt, they snowboard,

They have a garage full of toys.

He is a protective father,

Making sure his boys are safe.

He always carries a sidearm for protection ,

But new laws have changed his fate.

That day he knew that something was wrong,

but it was already too late.

Shots rang out from across the park,

A man began to run.

He saw his bandana and he saw his tattoos,

And then he saw his gun.

His firearm wasn’t with him.

It wasn’t on his side.

He heard his children scream for him,

He saw them try to hide.

He ran towards the danger,

He knew he had to do what was right.

The police were still 10 minutes away,

He needed to put up a fight.

He tried so hard to save them.

He was only a moment too late.

He immediately fell right to his knees,

He didn’t hesitate.

His boys all lay there dying,

Each taking their last breath.

There was no way to save them.

He screamed, he shouted, he wept.

The man approached from behind him,

He heard the footsteps coming.

He didn’t even turn to look,

He didn’t think of running.

He took that bullet on his knees,

He didn’t want to live.

His boys were his entire world,

He had nothing else to give.

The man was a criminal,

With a record of felonies.

He had just been released from prison again,

And he decided to rob a dealer and flee.

The boys were all eye witnesses.

All three had seen his face.

Three children and their father now dead,

Their only mistake being wrong time, wrong place.

The man was killed by the police.

They then shut down the block.

He was a gang member and a criminal,

He couldn’t even legally own that glock.

He was a single father.

His boys were his whole life.

Now those lives are over,

Because laws took away his rights.



This story reflects the dangers our children- as well as ourselves- can face because of the overzealous, billionaire backed special interest  Anti-Gun groups, and the politicians who work for them.

Our own State lawmakers are increasingly infringing upon the constitutionally protected rights of Washingtonians.

New laws will prohibit individuals from conceal carrying in almost all public places- regardless of whether or not you have a permit to do so.

Unfortunately, those laws do not apply to the people who break them. They do not apply to the individuals who illegally obtain and possess firearms.

The only consequences these laws will have will be to the law abiding gun owners who can no longer defend themselves- or their children.

Stand up against unconstitutional laws.

Stand up to the special interest groups - and the billionaires who fund them.

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