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Farm Boy- A Story of Survival

By: Doug Casity


Olympia, WA- Farm Boy, a family-owned restaurant of over forty years has found itself in a fight for survival, with the Thurston County courts, as well as state officials attacking them with fines, threats of imprisonment and revocation of their business license. This small business has gotten the attention of the patriot community, as well as the overwhelming support that attention brings.

Roughly two hundred patriots gathered at the restaurant, flags in hand to show their support for the small business. Horns blared as car passed behind the tent where live music played. After the National Anthem and a prayer, several speakers took to the microphone; speakers such as Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, the owner of Brock’s Bar and Grill from Woodland and Brian Robbins, the owner of Farm Boy.

Brian Robbins, owner, employs nearly a dozen employees, whom he says cannot work off take out orders only. Robbins has also stopped keeping track of the amount of fines the State is attempting to push against him. “These mandates and fines are unenforceable because no special session of the State Legislature has taken place,” he said.

“Inslee, come tell my employees they don’t have a job,” Robbins told the crowd. He begged the Governor to provide the science that restaurants are super spreaders. “OPEN UP,” Robbins boomed into the microphone, “All small business, Washington is dying.”

“All paychecks are essential! Big businesses are allowed to remain open, small business isn’t. What we are doing here is not political, this is about survival.” Robbins refuses to rely on the state to support his three children.

Robbins continued, “If we didn’t remain open, we wouldn’t be able to sponsor families for the holidays.” Referring to the charities that Farm Boy sponsors to support families in need during the holidays.

Joey Gibson took the microphone. “These lockdowns are not intended to stop the spread. We are forced to go to only a few stores, Walmart and Safeway. This is an act of war on the people.”

“I am not here to fight the government, we are not here to fight the government. They brought it to us,” Gibson went on. They don’t like how independent we are. That is why they despise the Second Amendment,” he said, adding “China cannot take over America because of the Second Amendment, but they are doing it through our economy.”

Gibson continued, “This judge, this traitor, told the owner of Farm Boy that if he doesn’t shut down his business, he will go to jail. That is an act of war.”

Inside, the restaurant was packed with patrons as songs about God and America played in the parking lot. A small group walked the grounds, singing hymns and waving American flags. Families entered to eat and talk to other patriots, spirits were high and were not deterred when the rain came.

Farm Boy's next court date is set for 6 January, where Robbins is expected to be arrested for contempt of court after refusing to shut down.

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