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End CCP Protest and Flag Wave

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

By: Doug Casity


Olympia, WA- On Saturday, a group of about thirty patriots gathered along Capitol Way Boulevard, with flags in hand. People lined both sides of the road as car horns blared. A group of Chinese immigrants joined with a group of patriots to wave flags and protest the Chinese Communist Party, while promoting patriotism.

Nate, 36, said he was there to show his support for the flag and protest the CCP. “The atmosphere was tense, people were yelling at us from cars, both for and against the flag.” Nate said.

A car had swerved towards the group of protesters on the west side of the road, narrowly missing several flag wavers.

Amongst the protesters, armed individuals could be seen in body armor and open carrying weapons. Given recent violence, it's understandable the protest had armed security roaming the grounds.

Several “area denial devices” were discovered by the security team in the visitor’s parking lot prior to the event starting. Two improvised “caltrops,” a device meant to puncture tires by having a stable base with a spike always facing up, were found in the northern and southern areas on the lot.

Tom, 30, said “After a group of Jericho Marchers and Chinese and Vietnamese protesters got attacked with rocks and had their vehicles smashed up by Antifa on the 12th, I felt it was my duty to show up and keep them safe from mob violence.” Adding that the day was “Pretty calm,” and that things were “Under control.”

He went on to explain, “Our event was about defending the First Amendment right to peaceably assemble at the Capitol to protest. Antifa thinks they can justify using physical force to remove us from the Capitol grounds, that's what they did the Saturday prior. We showed up again to demonstrate that their bullying won't dissuade us. They can lie and fear monger all they want, but their claims about us threatening minorities in Olympia are baseless. They print false propaganda about us being racist and use these allegations to attack us and our vehicles. They are blind to the reality that we are a diverse and inclusive group. Their willful ignorance has resulted in the most disgusting manifestation of identity politics yet.”

The day remained peaceful, with no opposing groups to be seen. When the rain came in the afternoon, the flag wavers began to pack up. Everyone left satiated knowing they were successfully able to do their patriotic duty with little resistance. And at the end, it was a good day to be an American.

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