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Defy the King- Businesses Taking A Stand

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

By: Doug Casity


More and more businesses in Washington are taking a stand against King Inslee and his mandates. While large “big box” stores are able to remain open, small business suffers. Restaurants such as Galloping Gertie’s Bar and Grill and Rod Knock Burgers are two such businesses that are suffering, due to the rules put in place by the Governor, backed by the hidden “science” that he refuses to share with the public.

Maggie Stoddard, owner of Galloping Gertie’s, said that her motivation to reopen despite the orders, is that her employees are at risk of losing everything. One employee, a single father that works as a cook, gets two hundred dollars a week in unemployment and is struggling to raise his children.

“No one comes in to eat, they are afraid because of fear that has been instilled by the Governor.” She told me over the phone. You could hear the emotion in her voice. Her business has made extensive effort to ensure the safety of her customers and staff, including plexiglass shields, gloves and masks.

“I am at risk of bankruptcy. After applying for the EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan), I will lose my home if I go bankrupt.” In the fine print, the EIDL forces the applicant to put up their homes and other assets as collateral.

Most of Stoddard’s clients are military, since her restaurant is located close to JBLM (Joint Base Lewis McChord), without customers, this 60 plus year old business will go under. “I can barely afford payroll, let alone a ten thousand dollar fine.”

Kimo Lemn, owner of Rod Knock Burgers made the decision to open his doors again after much thought about the risks. He explained that his employees are suffering, they can’t pay their bills and hoped to provide them with an income.

Rod Knock Burgers signed their lease in January, not expecting COVID and the affects it would bring to the economy. “It has been tough, it’s not easy with COVID. No one seen this coming when we signed our lease.”

Lemn has already been contacted by Labor and Industry via email, advising him that he is not in compliance with current mandates and expects further contact with the Health Department. “The worst I expect is a fine,” said the owner.

“Our freedom of choice is being taken away,” he told me over the phone. Lemn owns the business and feels that no one can make decisions for him and his business. “We paid for our business license and the inspections, if we get shut down we should be reimbursed.”

These are just two businesses that are taking a stand. It is my hope that sharing their stories will empower more business owners to stand up and say, “Enough is enough.” Our citizens and our businesses are suffering, how long can we sustain ourselves? The story of the single father hit me hard. Each one of these owners and their employees (all volunteered to stand with their bosses) are at risk of losing everything, like a lot of us already have. The Patriot community salutes Stoddard and Lemn for their bravery.

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