Dear KC

Dear KC,

I can’t believe it has been over a year since we last spoke and a year ago (from what I was told) that you passed away. I miss you so much my friend, there has not been one single day that has gone by that you have not crossed my mind. It could be a song on the radio, someone saying something that you used to say, a fully dressed Harley rumbling by or just driving along in my Jeep with the wind in my are there. (Yes, I got an old CJ just like we talked about and went through classes to get my motorcycle are with me every single time I go out...)

I miss our long conversations, I learned so much from you about our constitution...I already knew much, but even that you had me look at from a different angle, much like LaVoy used to do. I remember I we used to talk about him and I told you that he would have loved you, I was right wasn’t I? I often smile at the thought of you two sitting side by side discussing the love you have for your families, friends and the constitutional republic that you both fought so hard for and paid for with your lives. I remember how you were so honored to meet Jeanette and when you got to sign the P3 shirt that went around. Your heart is as big as the state you are from!

I spoke with Jill a little while ago and we both commented on how if you were here right now how lit up you would be about what is happening today. Oh man, you would be going off; not only at what the governments of this world are doing, but at the complicity of the American people, Patriots in particular.

You my friend have proven yourself over and over again, from your time at the border, your wrongful prosecution and incarceration, and the unending harassment after your release while on parole. You never once wavered in who you were, what you knew to be true and in standing for the constitution and liberty. Like you one has a right to your life more than God or yourself and you lived as such.

I often wonder if you get a chance to peek down and check in on your kids? I know that they are your everything. I loved hearing you talk about them and how proud you are of them all and how you loved being a grandpa. I wish you could have lived to see you most recent grand baby born shortly after you left us. That is all you wanted huh? Just to finally be left alone and be with your family. As long as you were teaching and fighting for the future freedom of your family the government was not going to let that happen. I promised you your story will be told, and it will, sadly it isn’t over yet.

I won’t keep you too long my friend, but KC, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that you are not forgotten. Far from it. I also wanted to let you know that you are missed so much, not just by me but by everyone who took the time to get to know you...your love for God, life, family and liberty. You were one of my closest friends and I cherish our time together, I know we will have marathon conversations again one day and have the biggest hug ever. Thank you for the honor of trusting me (and Dan) with the last months of your life.

Give love to LaVoy for me.

I love you KC, you will always and forever be an all American Patriot Badass in my book.

Love always,

Little Boots

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