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COVID under Biden

By: Doug Casity


Biden has put out a five-step plan, costing America one point nine trillion dollars, to combat COVID. “One million shots in my first one hundred days,” he said. This will be accomplished by providing pharmacies with a steady supply as well as establishing mobile vaccination centers for the “underserved urban and rural communities.”

The National Guard will be deployed, with help from FEMA to assist in this plan. Biden assured that the federal government will “reimburse” the states that activate their National Guard to set up the mobile centers. “You have my word: We will manage the hell out of this operation,” Biden said.

As president, Biden said he would sign the Defense Production Act, a law from the Korean war that gives the president control of the economy, authorizes him to require businesses to accept and prioritize contracts and prohibit hoarding and price gouging on critical materials deemed necessary for defense needs.

Biden also wishes Congress to approve of more money to accomplish this plan and urges Americans to abide by current mandates of wearing masks, avoiding gatherings, and frequently washing hands. He also tied economic recovery to control over the pandemic. “We remain in a very dark winter,” said Biden.

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