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I just got off the phone with someone who was like talking to an old friend. I am not going to lie, I hate doing interviews with people that are running for office, they are always so full of themselves and trying to tell me how wonderful they are. Not this time.

He is an everyday person, not a politician…not by a long shot. He is a native Washington resident except for the time he spent in the military. He has lived on both sides of the mountains so he knows this state and he loves all aspects of it; you can hear it in his voice when he talks about it. He loves the people, the industries that make this state unique, the hunting, fishing, camping, and all of the great recreation that we in Washington have at our fingertips; all the opportunities that Washington has to offer.

As police chief in his home town of Republic, WA, Loren Culp came into the political spotlight quite by accident. In 2018 when I-1639 was passed he had many questions from those in his home town on if he was going to start going around arresting people. He addressed this issue on social media stating that he would not be enforcing any law that was unconstitutional. The next thing Loren knew he was in a media whirlwind of news outlets to include Tucker Carlson. What a new and surprising experience for the humble peace officer from Republic and He has taken it in great stride.

Most reading this know that taking a pro-gun rights stance in this state can be a harrowing experience, but I think Chief Culp has done a great job of it.

Loren Culp also has a great book called “American Cop” it is not only a great read but it is educational as well (more on that later) As Loren started getting speaking engagements about his book, his Constitutional approach to law enforcement and his stance on unconstitutional laws like I-1639…more and more people heard him speak, more and more people asked him to run for Governor. This is where we find ourselves today. When I was a teen vacationing on Lake Curlew in Republic Washington; never in a million years did I think that The Lord would put me in a place in my life that I would be chatting with a candidate for Governor from that very town. Sometimes it does seem like a small world, but I am so grateful.

In my conversation with Loren I asked just a few questions, which had changed since we first made contact due to current events.

I asked him how he, as Governor, would have handled the Covid-19 pandemic. His answer was, in my opinion, just what the doctor ordered.

Instead of getting his advise from medical personnel from behind closed doors as the current Governor of Washington State has done, and then mandating all of these shut-downs and stay in place orders, Culp would have brought his medical experts in on his press conferences with him to explain what was going on and what precautions the people of Washington could take to protect themselves. As a Governor that works for We the People he would have left it up to us grown adults to enact the precautions that we thought necessary. That is the way it should be and that is constitutional common sense.

I had been noticing on social media that many were asking what his plan was for the homeless and addiction issue that Washington faces. So, that was my next question. His answer again was common sense. Instead of just throwing more low income housing at the problem, which would be a band-aid on the real issues, he would tackle the real issues. Helping these individuals get their life back through drug and mental health treatment. There are many facilities in Washington that have been seemingly forgotten about where funding is concerned and are eager to help these individuals. Instead of throwing money at the band-aid of more low income housing, he would help these people get their lives back. “We don’t have a homeless problem in my opinion, we have a compassion and critical thinking problem” and Loren Culp’s answers again are just common sense. If you think that these things won’t work, I encourage you to go and listen to Loren speak, as a former narcotics officer he knows what is going on and he has applied this to people in his own community; sure the individual was mad as the dickens at him at first but after they went through a treatment program and had their life and family back they came to Loren to say thank you and give him a hug. Now that is what being a public servant is about.

Something came up about many of our public lands, something I had not even thought of. Our fishing industry has been literally choked off with all the ash and fallout from the wildfires that have been rampant over the past years. Fish need the clean water and rocky riverbeds to spawn…the wildfires have been devastating to our state in so many ways. Loren Culp sees these things, not because some environmental analyst tells him, but because he actually SEES what is happening and understands what makes our state thrive and why it is so special. He understands that our public land management needs a make over. One that will not choke off the wildlife, the resources or the people that are stewards of the land. This is such a refreshing approach. I mean what would Washington State and the tribes be without our Sockeye Salmon…I’ll take mine smoked please.

I also tackled something that I have been wondering personally…I asked him if he thought that the sheriffs of this great Republic (not all mind you) were unaware of their Constitutional duties and responsibilities in their counties and if maybe there was a way that they could be taught or made aware. He said that that was one of the reasons why he wrote “American Cop”, to help educate not only the public, but his fellow officers on exactly what their responsibility as a public servant is. Small town police, Sheriff, State Patrol, to government agencies, it is all the same oath they take to protect and uphold the constitution. Loren was recognized by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association in 2019, he said that was a great honor and the association is a great place for fellow officers to get information and education on their responsibilities in protecting and upholding the Constitution.

There is much more I would love to share with you about this man, but you should go hear him speak when he does, get his book “American Cop", follow him on social media. I will be doing more on him as time passes and the election gets closer, but as for now, this gives you an idea of what he is about and what he stands for.

Loren Culp just an ordinary God loving man, husband, father, and grandfather. He wants to pass down the gift of the liberty to future generations so that they can have all the natural God given rights our forefathers intended to secure with those all important founding documents. I, for one, want the same thing. I am grateful that Loren heard what the people were asking, that he followed his heart and is taking that leap into politics…not as a politician, but already as a servant of the public; as just one of us, We the People.

It is time for a change, a breath of fresh air and freedom for Washington. Loren Culp is just that.

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