An Extra Place Setting

As things start to ramp up for the holiday season and the ads flood the t.v., radio and internet…the stores put up all things sparkly and bright…people make their lists and budgets that they will no doubt go over.

I sat and wondered what I would put on my list to Santa. Would I ask for a way to get the new 5th wheel we have found that was not drafty, leaky and has something breaking every time we turned around so we could live healthy and comfy until we could get a piece of property and build our little cabin? Maybe for the camera I have my eye on for my blog/current events website, the kitchen knives I have my eyes on, the cozy Sherpa lined coat, maybe some warmer clothes to get through the winter. Then it hit me what my heart truly desires; I want for my friends to go home. For my friend KC Massey to get the miracle of a pardon from President Trump and be able to live the rest of his life free to enjoy his family like he desires to without being hassled for a crime he did not commit. For Todd, Jerry, Greg, Shaeffer and 100’s of others detained in prisons for profit for simply being too loud, knowing too much or standing up for their God given rights…NO VICTIM, NO CRIME.

I want to challenge each and every one of you this season, actually every time you have a gathering, to set one extra place at the table. A full setting…a plate, silverware, glass and napkin. When others aske who it is for mention one of the prisoners and then tell them their story or the stories of collective crimeless prisoners, what the government is doing to our rights and the how/why they are getting away with it. Encourage them to start setting an extra plate at their social dinners and sharing the stories of these brave men and women.

We as believers of the constitution and that our rights are God given we need to remember that unless we start acting and getting loud it will never change, that it is not going to change on the legislative level. Until you are not afraid of losing your freedom that you have left, until you are not afraid of losing your life, you are just as much of a patriotic prisoner as those I mentioned above. Instead of the insane costs of phone calls to and from loved ones, commissary, or other fees attached to the prison for profit system, you make the government profit with the taxes you pay on your home, car, income, etc. You just can’t see your walls/bars.

You may be thinking that it can’t happen to you…KC didn’t think it could happen to him, neither did Jerry or Todd…I am sure the others didn’t think it would happen to them either. I am sure that LaVoy didn’t think that he would be murdered.

What is it going to take to get you to take action? What is it going to take for you to get loud? What is it going to take to get you to stop being afraid?

I am ready, I have been. My voice is not that loud, but added with yours, then another, and another, and another…

Pray for strength for what is to come. Strength for yourself, your loved ones, all across this nation. It is going to be a difficult time. We MUST find a way to stop destroying each other…stop the hate and fear.

A dear friend always says, “We can fix so much in this community and country with love instead of hate, love is so much stronger” He is right.

As always God bless,

Little Boots

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