A sad dose of reality.

By: Philly Phil


So I just getting my thoughts together after the holidays and looking at the impending Communist takeover, that is staring us in the face.

Living in Tyrannical Washington State has given me a rather unique perspective into many of the probable reactions of the so called Patriot community. You know those guys with the guns, that make a lot of noise, wearing shirts and shouting things like "Will Not Comply", "Don't tread on me", or my personal favorite I'd rather "Die on my feet, than live on my knees." Cool sayings for a tee shirt, but if your not willing to stand up against Tyranny in small ways when you have the ability I really doubt you will stand up when you face losing everything for standing up. You are preconditioned to give up rather than take a stand.

As I started living in Washington there have been a few chances to stand up, but sadly the majority failed to stand, and folded up like a roll of cheap dollar store tinfoil. The first learning experience wad the passing of the unconstitutional 1639. Many of us protested throughout the state and at the Capitol shouting We will not Comply. I don't know about you but just because I am in a movement I won't echo or parrot things that I don't mean or strongly believe in just because others do.

Well July came and on the very first day so many Complied that the Washington State computers crashed. Well I shook my head with disappointment after reading several excuses as to why they felt the need to comply to the state. In my disgust I fired off a post about my feelings, which wasn't taken to well. But that's okay those that argued only made my case about their character or convictions stronger.

1639 came and went and soon the people of Washington we faced will a vote on $30 car tabs, pretty cut and dry, $30 is $30 no confusion there right? How wrong I was. The Tyrant Jay Inslee decided we didn't understand and took it upon himself to overturn the results of the election.

Well this one wasn't immediate like the 1639, but another month would pass a few more would renew 11 months later I still haven't. Well this one isn't as cut and dry as 1639 their are a couple of good reasons to renew, such as buying or selling your vehicle. Fyi, I have been pulled over 3 times with expired tabs, each time I told the officer why and was given a warning.

Next here comes the COVID. I admit I may be a bit extreme at times but this definitely raised red flags in me while it was still supposedly in Europe and the Orient. The MSM was just pushing it too hard. They came with these mask mandates and business closures, and again I watched Patriot after Patriot don a worthless cloth mask. Again I didn't feed into the propaganda. I didn't wear a mask up until I had a stroke, and now I only wear at the doctors. And now we even have patriots taking the vaccine. SMH

So yes living in Washington allowed me to watch people go along with the government and not stand for their beliefs or convictions. It tells me a whole lot about their character. It seems to me that honor is a forgotten trait in America.

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