5 Years and Still Learning

On a cold and isolated stretch of hwy 395 in the state of Oregon, five years ago today, they shot my friend in the back for being principled and teaching the constitution to the country. They considered the constitution for this republic to be a virus and their vaccine was to murder LaVoy Finicum and jail many others.

LaVoy died in the cold snow that day, one day before his birthday. They let him lay there for hours. They didn’t bother to check if he was actually dead, neither did they call for an ambulance. Instead they spit at him, made fun of him and disrespected this gentle man who lived for God, his family, his friends and his country.

In one of of his YouTube videos where he spoke of and taught about the constitution, he mentioned the state of affairs our country was in, the fact our constitution was being shredded, that it was not going to be fixed legislatively, they were too deeply entrenched, that it was too far gone. At that point in time I was not entirely sure what he meant by that because he was not a man for violence. He was not calling for a revolution. So what?

I and many others with voices have continued to teach others about our true constitution and what has happened to it and our constitutional republic over the years; with recent events unfolding I believe I am seeing what LaVoy meant. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

LaVoy was a man with great wisdom and foresight, much like our founding fathers. If all the little pieces of what is happening add up to what I think they are adding up to...a very harsh lesson, for a majority of Americans, in the constitution, freedom and what being a republic truly is, followed by being taken back to a constitutional republic...maybe that is what he meant. Maybe he saw that the evil in our government had to be forcefully extracted and good and Godly people had to restore what our founding father fought to give us that we failed to keep. I don’t know if this is what he meant, I won’t know until I see him again in heaven but I wouldn’t be surprised. He was a very wise man.

To this day Jeanette, his widow, is still fighting to get justice for her husband that never got his day in court to be acquitted like the others. To hold the officers, that swore to uphold and protect the very document her husband was killed for teaching, accountable. Make no mistake that IS the root of why his life was cut short.

Though LaVoy has been gone form this world for 5 years now, I and many others are still learning from him, his family and the legal battle still in the courts to get some justice for this gentle cowboy.

You see, he wasn’t armed that day with his signature six shooter and gun belt adorned with bullets like you see in the old westerns, nor did he have his shoulder holster with his semi automatic.

No, LaVoy was murdered in cold blood for using the most dangerous weapon in the world to a rogue government...knowledge and the sharing of knowledge. Think about that.

Thank you dear friend, thank you for your sacrifice so that others eyes may be opened.

Please learn more about LaVoy, how his family is continuing his message, about their court battle and how you can help at the link below.

“There are things more important than your life and freedom is one of them”

LaVoy Finicum

God Bless,

Little Boots


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