5 Years...

I am just a person like you. Once I had a family...a wife with kids, a home and my own business. I had turned my life around from what it was, a rough childhood that led to trouble and some decisions that led down the road to a non-violent felony, theft at a young age. I had not been arrested in almost 30 years after that I love my country. I saw things happening that I felt I had to do something about, some of it right in the back yard of my very own state. So I decided to serve my country and help. I, along with some other patriots went to the border to help border patrol with the stream of drugs and illegal immigrants that was going on. Little did we know that the very border patrol we went to help were just as dangerous to us there at Camp Lone Star as the cartel that were ushering in the drugs, people and crime. They both work together. YouTube videos named BP confessions show in their own words what I am saying.

We were making a difference. The locals there made sure to let us know that. We helped reduce property crime by 80% according to the local police.

Much of this was recorded and posted to YouTube and I took footage with my go pro.

I along with Allen Varner(AKA Wolf a fed informant) and John Foerster we’re patrolling on private property near the the Texas/Mexico border when a border patrol agent named Hernandez, who was standing maybe 30-40 feet away from Jesus (that is what we called John) fires two shots AT him shouting “stop!”Fired two more shots yelling “stop!” Then another shot...Jesus put his rifle down so he would stop shooting. We were all confused by what just happened. The agent said he was shooting at some illegals. They lied though and said John pointed his gun at them which was revealed in court to be a lie.

They were not supposed to fire at anyone (CBP use of force manual) unless fired on, but that didn’t happen. No one was shooting but the agent and at one of us! Helping them! Americans!

Of course more border agents, the Sheriff dept, FBI and other law enforcement came to investigate(Sheriff had jurisdiction) and all firearms were taken by the sheriffs deputy, at the request of the federal agents, except the one persons who actually fired. Now, make sense of that one!

Now, in the state of Texas, even as a felon I am allowed to have a firearm on private property. I was lawfully in possession of my firearms. Period. That is not even bringing in the True Constitutionality of being able to carry a firearm as a felon. Go read the definition of a militia and its exemptions that Gary Hunt broke down in one of his articles. (See link in comments)

Now, tell me, was I charged because I broke the law or because I was interfering with a great little money making racket the border patrol had going on with the cartel? To get yet one more patriot that had a voice and took action out of the way, sending a message to any who may follow?

I was was a threat to their corruption.

They made me out to be a terrorist, a horrible person...and took 3 years of my life. You can read all of my court documents and the in depth article that Gary Hunt wrote about my case by hitting the links at the bottom of the page.

Fast forward to my probation. From the start it took a lot of work and help to get parole/probation in my own area where I would have a chance of being successful, they fought to send me down south to die. Once I won the battle to be near home, Even then they made it impossible. Two times they tried to get me on false positives for using CBD oil for pain, even though they were made aware of it. It kept getting worse and worse to where I could not even log in to do my check ins on the computer as I was required to do.

I wanted to live my life, play with my grandchildren, move on...it became clear that they did not want me to succeed. They were not going to let me succeed.

How much does one man take? I had lost everything for fake, trumped up charges, my wife, my home, my business and precious time with my family.

No more. I was not going to let them take my freedom again, no matter how hard they tried. Since when does the rule of law not apply to the government? The Constitution is clear about their jurisdiction, When does it stop? When does the government have a greator right to my life then I do, when I have not created a victim? How can they terrorize a community yet I'm called a terrorist?

When we as Americans, we the people make it stop. I was making it stop. For me.

I left. If they were intent on violating me why should I just LET them?

You all are letting them take your rights, you are letting them violate YOU! It is time to start standing NOW.

I left.

I was going to die free if I was going to die, it was going to be free, not in a box, silenced by them.

I will not ask for help. I don’t want anyone else to lose anything because of me. An amazing older couple had their house DESTROYED because they were looking for me. For a parole/probation violation?!? 3 Amored personnel carriers, 60+ officers, a helicopter, but no ambulances, K9 or body cameras...for a parole/probation violation?!? No, I would not be quiet about what I knew and they want me dead. Dead men don’t talk.

They even said that I threatened to kill anyone that tried to arrest me...bullshit. I will only defend my life and liberty when anyone tries to take them from me unjustly I would never murder an innocent person. My son in law is a LEO and I could not be prouder. They are not all bad. Anyone that has that mind set is wrong. I can’t be any more clear on that.

They have taken everything from me, but my good name and the good reputation I worked so hard to build is something I will not let them steal.

I have been surviving but I am out of time and resources. I am alone, it is the only way to make sure my family stays safe. They threatened my family who has no clue where I am...no one does...and no one will. I will not let them saddle me with the guilt of hurting those I love.

I wear LaVoy’s shirt. I know I will see him soon. I think of others they have killed as we watched on in horror but did nothing. Waco. Ruby Ridge. Schaefer Cox ripped from his family in prison and many more.

What is it going to take? How many more of us have to be locked away or murdered, made out to be horrible people because we believe in our God given rights? The Constitution as the Founding Fathers wrote it?

When is everyone else going to realize that they are going to take all you have sooner than later and then take your life. Look in the mirror, better yet look at your children and tell them that other things are more important than their freedom. There isn’t much time. My time is almost gone. I am so proud of my children. All of them. They know I fought to put their future freedoms before my comforts now...but one man with his Lord in isolation isn’t going to win this, one man with his hands in the air in the snow...It will take all of us. Finally putting the bullshit aside...tick-tock.

5 years...5 years is all it took for them to destroy me, KC Massey.

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