2020 In a Cracked Nutshell

I have been pretty quiet this year for many reasons, mostly because 2020 has left me stunned. When everyone gathered on December 31st of 2019 and shouted “Happy New Year” (or maybe you were like us and slept through the whole thing) who had any freaking clue that soon we would be in a real life colorized version of “The Twilight Zone”? I am in no way saying that too much of what has happened has been a surprise to me, if you are a believer in God then you knew this was all coming, if you are a conspiracy theorist you knew this was coming, oh heck let’s be honest here, if you have any shred of logic, critical thinking and common sense you knew this was coming.

Up until the election of President Trump the Deep State/The Shadow Government at least put some slice of effort into trying to hide their evil, now all bets are off. In short if you don’t have your preps already, get what you can, make sure your vehicles and weapons are all in good working order, check that you have adequate ammunition...you know all the things that you should have pretty much in order already. Some of you may be just waking to what is going on or had other challenges in this area and that is ok, you are not alone, we are here to help. We all need to help each other in the coming days, weeks, months, and years as it is not going to be easy.

In 2020 we have seen things that we never expected: from the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex stepping down as “senior” royals to most recently 20 states and President Trump joining Texas in a Superior Court case against 4 swing states; in what I and many others consider to be the biggest case the Supreme Court will ever hear, concerning massive election fraud that involves world players. Never in the United States right?

Now, to be honest I am not too concerned about what the Duke and Dutchess do, I do not know if their actions were to get away from the wicked Queen or if it was to further the New World order agenda, that is yet to be seen. Let’s take a look at some other events that have made us all wish we had more ways to say (quoting our wonderfully outspoken president) “You’re fired!” to 2020.

COVID-19 “Pandemic” why did I put pandemic in quotes? Well, when you change the definition of a word to fit your agenda or narrative then quotations are deserved. Don’t believe that they changed the definition to fit their narrative? Research it for yourself. During the course of the COVID-19 psyop, many tyrannical actions were taken by government officials all over the world. Whole countries shut down, work papers were issued, curfews put in place, church services cancelled, schools closed, state governments decided who was essential and who was not when it came to businesses. Walmart, Costco, liquor stores and abortion clinics stayed open while, as mentioned, churches, small businesses, gun stores, etc. were ordered closed. Some states closed national parks, banned fishing (but you could be on your boat...if you cast a fishing line you were breaking the government’s mandate), hunting, hiking, and any type of outdoor activities. Weddings, funerals, graduations and life in general were all brought to a halt for a virus that, according to the CDC themselves, has a survival rate of 99.75 for those 69 and younger and 94. 6 for those over the age of 69. Sounds a lot like the flu to me.

2020 has also brought us the end of the insane impeachment attempt of President Trump to his acquittal by the senate on Feb 5th, the conviction of Harvy Weinstein of rape and sexual abuse on February 24th, and, the worst ever single day point drop of the Dow Jones ever on March 9th due to the shut downs from COVID-19.

If 2020 had not been bad enough already, on May 9th a career criminal was arrested for being a criminal and during the course of his arrest, died. I refuse to get into the politics of what happened that day in this piece, as we have all been living it. There are good officers and there are bad officers that is all I will say on the matter where police are concerned. It isn’t only black individuals or people of a minority class that get killed or wrongfully arrested and prosecuted by police on a regular basis, but it seems they are the only ones that the main stream media wants to tell you about. I could give you a massive list. There were no riots or mass destruction of cities across the country because of this. Yet we have suffered this as a nation everyday since Mr. Floyd and every single arrest/death of a colored person most of which had extensive criminal backgrounds and were not following directions by the officers. Yet we are expected to be outraged and believe it is all systemic racism and that we need to defund the police.

Then if 2020 wasn’t a twisty ride enough to make you want to toss your cookies, you have the election from hell. Yes the stolen election that was so blatant a five year old could see it...yet MSM and the left are so brainwashed that they think a feeble mined old man that hid in his basement and wants to bring socialism to America destroying the very fabric of its founding, won, with more votes than any candidate in history. Riiiight. Even with the massive proof of election fraud, the democrats will not admit that President Trump won a second term, in his words “By a lot.” They are in denial of all the good that he has accomplished for this republic because it doesn’t fit with their nefarious plans.

Do not count out President Trump yet or call this election over because this hellish year is not over yet...also he is president until he is not. They may have stole the election but they have barely made it out the door with the bag. It is sure to be a wild ride. What an exciting time to be living.

Oh and before I am even willing to ring in 2021, I want to read the disclaimer.

God Bless and keep you all safe.

Little Boots

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