Our Mission

patriot angel strives to bring you real stories from down to earth individuals who hold the truth and The Constitution with its true intent in high regard. 

With so much going on in the country and the world today we want to give you the correct information so you can decide for yourself what the correct course of action is. 

Real news, facts and just that.  

As a team we will also be providing information on various topics so that you can best prepare your family for any type of natural or man made disaster that may be coming our way. Product reviews, step by step instructional training, thought provoking opinion pieces, what if scenarios, videos, live streams and much more.  We are excited to have you join us in making our Republic strong, informed and at the ready. 


Senior Editor/Journalist

Melina MacInnis

Journalist/Guns Guy

Ron Lopez

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C0-editor/Jounalist/It & Comms Guy

Dan MacInnis

Co-Editor/Journalist & Medical Gal

Anna May Rainier

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Journalist/Photo journalist

James Heckler

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